Accelerate your HPE solutions with TD SYNNEX’s Tech Service




Why Choose Tech-as-a-Service with TD SYNNEX?

Do you want to increase productivity in business, reduce strain on IT teams’ workloads and deploy leading HPE systems and services for your customers? TD SYNNEX’s Tech-as-a-Service is a financial service that helps to reduce costs through an all-in-one subscription service.

Bundle together HPE hardware, software and services into one easy to manage subscription that can be paid on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. As technology continues to transform and evolve, Tech-as-a-Service offers access to the latest HPE technology, all while optimising IT budgets that both you and your customers can benefit from.

It’s time to simplify your budget and transform your technology offerings, so why choose Tech-as-a-Service?

– 80% of companies are now seeing demand for new, innovative technology services.
– $9.5 Billion profit increase of cloud infrastructures with a 52.3% volume increase usage overall
– Take advantage of server refresh opportunities for a cost effective way to ensure that any outdated HPE Data Centre technology can be refreshed for customers to carry on enjoying excellent performance and delivery

Maximise your profits and increase cash flow

Tech-as-a-Service gives you the opportunity to flexibly scale subscriptions to every business requirement, helping you to strengthen your status as a trusted advisor by establishing long term, sustainable relationships with customers.

Worried about cost of infrastructure and optimising IT budgets?

TD SYNNEX’s Tech-as-a-Service is here to help you and your customers understand how significant the cost of savings can be, with the all in one service that simplifies asset management and helps reduce the complexity of IT support in one simple bill, so HPE services can be enjoyed to the fullest.

It’s all about getting your customers the HPE services and solutions they need, not just what their IT budgets will allow. Want to help customers optimise their budgets in a simple and effective way with HPE products?

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