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Where IoT becomes IoH - Internet of Hospitality

Across the hospitality industry, customers expect convenience and consistency. That is, they expect the conveniences they are accustomed to at home, with the consistency to match. This is especially true for the likes of Wi-Fi connectivity and services.

The challenge this poses for businesses in hospitality are twofold:

– How to provide guests with the services they expect in order to retain customers and attract new business.
– How to integrate this first need with the infrastructure required to manage the business effectively, and not impact operations.

How well you’re able to ensure your hospitality customers overcome these challenges will go a long way to deciding the success of their brand, as well as how good a trusted advisor they see you.

Going beyond Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi in hotels is now a minimum expectation for the majority of guests. To stand out, hoteliers therefore need to look beyond deploying simple Wi-Fi connectivity, and instead seek to turn their networking infrastructure into a powerful personalisation platform.

Connectivity needs to be just the beginning of your customers’ Wi-Fi functions.
Put another way, rather than simply enabling their guests to log on to the hotel Wi-Fi network, forward thinking businesses are skilfully integrating connectivity, IoT, AI, and data analytics to create a digitally optimised space. In this space, connectivity is always-on, and automated, meaning hoteliers can focus on their guests, rather than whether devices are connecting.

This kind of space then allows, for example, radios for wayfinding around the premises, geofencing, location tracking of hotel equipment, sensor monitoring, door locking, actuator control for automated processes, and more, delivering a truly smart, effortless hotel.

With the correct solution, hospitality becomes more than just a bed for the night, it becomes a unique, brand-boosting experience.

The Aruba Effect

At the heart of the hospitality industry realising its next generation of goals, is Aruba. Aruba provides the solutions that make the hotel experience so seamless and effortless, guests and staff alike wonder how they ever managed to spend a night away from home in comfort previously.

– Airpass – Guests transition automatically from their mobile network to your customers’ wireless networks, creating a frictionless experience from the moment they walk through the door.

– ClearPass Device Insight – Device onboarding uses machine learning discovery methods to identify and profile a wider range of device types.

– ClearPass Policy Manager – Network access is tightly managed using granular, policy-based access controls. Users and devices have access to only those resources for which they have been approved.

– Dynamic Segmentation – Microsegmentation of traffic means policies are carried across the network end-to-end, separating user traffic from associate or corporate traffic.

Overseeing it all is the Aruba AOS-CX operating system, a time-series database that provides deep visibility of data and operations across a network, through a single pane of glass. Offering software-defined management tools, built-in analytics, and programmable scripting, it delivers unparalleled insights into network and device activities, fault isolation, and system performance.

Competition in hospitality is immense, meaning guests don’t have to settle for second best, and neither should your customers. Create digitally optimised spaces that go beyond expectations with Aruba.

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