Everybody is backing up to the AWS cloud. Join the party with TD SYNNEX & Veeam

The public cloud has changed the backup and disaster recovery (DR) market for good. By embracing this change with AWS and Veeam, partners can give their customers that all im-portant first taste of public cloud life. Once in, most will want to use more services which is great for you and your customers.

Backing up is very important

At this point let’s highlight the industry statistics. The London Chamber of Commerce say 86% of business that suffer data loss go out of business, which means if you ever thought backup and DR was expensive, try an actual disaster. Backing up your data is one of the most important things you need to do. Not only do you need to make a copy of your data for safe keeping. You also need to make sure in the event of data loss, you can restore fast. So, in this respect it’s important to not only backup. You must think beyond this to disaster recovery.

Move your backup services into the future

Traditional methods of back up can be slow and in some cases expensive. Especially if you have large volumes of data. Or a need to keep data for a long time due to regulations. Tape is still a technology used by many industries as a long term retention solution, however it can be slow and costly to manage and store the media, especially for a smaller businesses. Backup to disk is faster but again who wants to manage this? Besides it can get expensive if you need to own the physical disk systems. You could try to use a third party online backup service.  The question to ask though is what’s the process in the event of a disaster? Does your provider’s SLA meet your expectations for the high price you pay them?
All the above options still have one question hanging over them. You can copy your data and see it backed up, but can you get it back when needed? That is the key question; along with what is your required RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective)? When looking at RTO and RPO, this is when the AWS platform comes into its element. Combining the flexibility of services such as AWS Storage Gateway and S3, with the intelligence of Veeam Backup & Replication; you can have key services back up and running in the AWS Cloud in minutes, if not seconds.

How can Veeam, AWS and TD SYNNEX help?

There are many customers already using Veeam Backup & Replication on-premise to protect their data and virtual infrastructures. These customers are also looking at ways they can reduce the amount of physical infrastructure they need to provision and manage. With AWS, they get the benefits of highly durable, cost effective storage and only pay for what they consume.

When coupled with the Veeam Backup & Replication solution, customers can tier backups directly into AWS S3 and reduce their reliance on costly on-premise storage options. Not only that but with the latest version from Veeam you can add in the use of AWS EC2 compute instances to restore straight into the AWS Cloud, massively reducing your RPO & RTO. This makes the solution highly scalable for not only backup, but also as a DR and even migration service.

Backup to AWS is one of the most common use cases and requests my AWS BU receives on a weekly basis. When coupled with our deep expertise and resource that our Veeam relationship brings, we can fully support any partner with both pre-sales and post sales services to have scalable solutions deployed and running quickly. Between both teams at TD SYNNEX, we have built tried and tested solutions that allow our partners to leverage this wealth of knowledge and take future proofed and repeatable backup solutions to their customers. Staying relevant with the evolution of cloud adoption and starting themselves on the journey to a new cloud practice. Once in, not many people come back out, cloud repatriation is not a thing…