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Changing circumstances makes for new opportunities

While we are all trying to deal with the current global crisis and adjust to the new business landscape, it is difficult for many to plan ahead with much certainty, particularly when it comes to IT spend and strategy.

Gartner forecast global IT spending will total $3.4 trillion in 2020, a decline of 8% from 2019, with CIOs prioritising spend on technology and services deemed ‘mission-critical’ rather than growth or transformation initiatives.1

The knock-on effect this has at every layer in the channel is certainly a daunting thought. Many will be primarily concerned with maintaining business continuity, rather than growing and innovating during such unprecedented, uncertain financial times.

As a result, IT departments and decision-makers are shifting to a defensive stance, seeking to simply keep the lights on while current financial uncertainties persist. Gartner predicts all segments will experience investment decline in 2020, with devices and data centre systems set to be the hardest hit. (1)

Moving forward, together

It is important to note, however, you are not alone, and we at TD SYNNEX are ready to work with you to overcome the challenges of today and help you prepare for your next big chapter.

Offering support services to your customers, such as HPE PointNext Services, is great way of helping protect revenue streams for you as a reseller while your customers may be limited in their purchasing capabilities.

HPE PointNext Services are personalised and proactive support services that help maximise and maintain your customers’ current assets through whatever circumstances they may face. They are available in a variety of options designed to match your customers’ needs.

– HPE Foundation Care enhances the basic warranty and is a reactive service, supplying parts and labour to customer site to replace faulty parts upon request.

– HPE Proactive Care builds on Foundation Care by adding a Proactive Services approach to prevent downtime through personalised recommendations based on proactive insight reports.

– HPE Datacentre Care scales on an environmental basis, making it especially suitable for larger environments, and offers a wide choice of deliverables through an Account Support Manager and Enhanced call handling.

– Lifecycle Event Services are designed to assist customers through key events in their infrastructures’ lifecycles, including product deployment, implementation, and technical services.

Go with the pros

Offering HPE PointNext Services through TD SYNNEX provides your portfolio with unrivalled support capabilities. Our team of dedicated HPE specialists has over 65 years combined experience, meaning we have a relationship with HPE that is unmatched, as well as the expertise that counts.

By delivering HPE services through TD SYNNEX, not only will your customers receive official HPE firmware upgrades and support, they’ll also benefit from extended HPE warranties. TD SYNNEX are also the only UK distributor to offer installation on behalf of HPE, so when providing your customers with the support they need, provide them with the real deal, from the experts.

Maximise altered opportunities

Budget shortfalls will see CIOs adjusting their purchase or upgrade timescales, putting IT projects on hold for the foreseeable future, but this doesn’t mean pausing your ambitions as a reseller. Offering HPE PointNext Services is a great way to maintain your customer relationships and revenue streams, and is often at a lower cost to your customers than purchasing new equipment.

Help your customers maximise and maintain their current infrastructure, allowing them more effective planning time for when circumstances allow, with HPE PointNext Services from TD SYNNEX. Speak to the TD SYNNEX HPE team, or your Account Manager today.

1Gartner (May 2020).

Speak to the TD SYNNEX hpe team, or your account manager today

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