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According to IDC, by 2020 consumption-based IT procurement will overtake traditional procurement, accounting for up to 40% of infrastructure spend.

HPE’s vision is a Hybrid model and according to Antonio Neri HPE CEO the goal is to deliver Everything As a Service by 2022 ! A bold statement but it shows where the future of HPE and the IT industry is continuing to go.

Datacentres can be over provisioning as much as ( 59% on compute and 48% on Storage) so there are big benefits and savings in both a full cloud vs a hybrid cloud model , but what’s also interesting for cloud is that Research house Coleman Parkes estimates that European enterprises spent a total of £29.48m on cloud services in 2018, but its findings suggest around 30% of this investment (£8.8m) went to waste through underuse!

So what is best full cloud or hybrid cloud model? There is no easy answer for all types of business but in the HPE GL Hybrid model you can pay for what you want when you need it at a set rate over the contract giving control around future consumption costs, on top of this GL enables all the benefits of having on premise inhouse application security and application deployment speed.

With HPE Greenlake consumption analytics you can quickly identify where the usage has spiked or dropped allowing capacity to be freed up in other areas of the business over the contract lifecycle. With help from the utility delivery manager (UDM) wrapped into the Greenlake solution they can guide through the analytics tool and make recommendations like department consumption billing and measurement also showing full cloud billings from AWS & Azure in a single pane of glass offer.

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Technology can age very fast and with companies taking more of an ecological & economic view on infostructure procurement lifecycle it makes sense to burst into the cloud or use a on premise Greenlake HPE solution where the asset is not owned . IT sign off decisions can be made taking into consideration reducing emissions and becoming carbon neutral so using cloud or on premise cloud like solutions can control where electricity is ethically from a sustainable source. Finance directors may also look at asset deprecation as a business driver so not owning the assets could meet their needs.

Where does Greenlake work and why work with TD SYNNEX? HPE Greenlake consumption offer works in Enterprise environments with a solution threshold of $100k upwards.

TD SYNNEX’s Tech-as-a-Service also offers a comprehensive, flexible solution that bundles hardware, software and services into a single subscription price. Best of all, customers can scale up or down throughout the course of their subscription term – allowing them to adjust to changing business conditions.

TD SYNNEX UK is able to deploy HPE Greenlake in partnership with HPE often speeding up the solution deployment.

Celebrating 41 years of partnership, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and TD SYNNEX have worked together to create innovative channel sales solutions for HPE resellers across 28 countries.

For more information speak to your account manager or email the team.

By Nolan Collins, HPE Everything as a Service BDM at TD SYNNEX

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