Join the AWS Partner Network Program and build a Cloud Practice that shines

If you are just starting out on your cloud journey or looking to add AWS to your existing portfolio of cloud skills, then the AWS Partner Network is the place to start.

The AWS UK market is a huge opportunity for the early adopter

According to analysis by TechMarketReview, the UK AWS market in 2019 was approximately an £850M annualised business, suggesting around £71M of end user consumption billed every month. Canalys research in April 2019 suggested that on average around 15% of this spend went via the partner channel, and whilst on the low side (at £10.5M, still 50% of the total market spend with the no 2 ranked provider), the channel is seen as the main high growth engine for AWS. When you also factor in global AWS growth, again according to Canalys, the AWS business is growing at 36% YoY. This all adds up to a huge opportunity for today’s AWS partner community in the UK.

The current partner ecosystem is a highly skilled and competent group of partners, most of which have grown up from the start as born in the cloud AWS partners. That said, in the scale of things there are a limited number of AWS partners vs cur-rent end customer demand for AWS services, especially when comparing to traditional programs with legacy vendors. This leaves a big gap for new partners to fill if they own existing customer relationships where AWS is already present, or as the platform of choice when it comes to starting their cloud journey.

With this in mind, my advice is qualifying all your customers and find out where they are with their AWS journey. As you know the market is competitive and customers won’t wait for partners to skill up, they will go and find those with the skills they need today. This can be a big problem as a new project on AWS is one less hardware, software and services sale for somebody.

What is the AWS Partner Network?

If you are focused on building a successful AWS business practice, then you need a strong framework to guide you on the way. The AWS Partner Network (APN), is a global program that allows both Consulting Partners, who use the platform for re-sell and services, plus Technology Partners, who use the platform to build SaaS and other software solutions, to become recognised for their services and solutions by end customers. How far you go in your APN journey is entirely up to you as a business, however those that invest most see the best returns from the benefits available.

Joining the APN is simple and can be done via the TD Cloud Practice Builder program. There is no cost to join the APN until you hit the first milestone of becoming a Select partner, at this point you’ll pay $2500 per year but get $3500 back from AWS in billing credits. In effect they pay you $1000 per year to be on the program. Additionally, it’s at Select where the key program benefits begin.


The main benefits are:

  1. AWS Navigate, begin your specialisation path
  2. ACE Program to register opportunities for AWS support
  3. SaaS Factory Program, for Technology Partners to build solutions
  4. Marketplace Channel Programs, to host and sell solutions
  5. Global APN Funding Programs, to build, market and sell your solutions
  6. Public Sector Program, build and showcase your Public Sector business
  7. Partner Transformation Program, to assess and transform your business

The AWS Partner Network is the place to be if you want to build your AWS expertise, build a relationship & gain support from AWS, plus get access to funding for driving customer lead generation activities. In essence, the more you commit, the more AWS commit back. As you specialise further and grow new services, these can be showcased via the APN, making it easier for customers to find you and for AWS to position you as a specialist for their services.

How can TD SYNNEX help you remain relevant and thrive on the AWS APN Partner Network?

At TD SYNNEX, we’ve simplified the AWS Partner Network sign up process with the launch of our AWS Path enablement framework, part of the TD Cloud Practice Builder program. This program will take you from first engagement to be a certified Select level partner in 4 months via a combination clear and easy to follow sprints and online certification training. At every step of the process our Certified AWS Cloud Concierge will support you to ensure that your business fully under-stands and can visualise the steps to success as an AWS partner.

Sign up today to become a leader in a high growth opportunity

As already stated at the beginning, the opportunity to sell AWS cloud services is huge. If you sign up to the AWS Partner Network, TD SYNNEX can fast track your business through the relevant program steps, whilst elevating your profile within AWS. Once on AWS Path with TD SYNNEX, we will start your enablement on the AWS APN program concurrently with joining the programs that suite your partner development needs. In addition, you can develop, pick up and monetise any exist-ing customer AWS requirements from day 1. Contact us today to find out more.