LED Display Solutions for Corporate Use





As the corporate workplace continues to evolve, so too does the technology required to support it. Businesses are increasingly looking to replace traditional display screens and projectors with newer, more modern digital signage and LED displays.

Are you an IT reseller selling into the corporate space with client solutions, cloud migrations and managed services but not discussing meeting room requirements? In the new hybrid world of work, businesses need to find smarter ways to connect the different pieces of the meeting room and turn it into an intelligent workplace. That’s a huge opportunity for reseller partners to deliver the ideal collaborative workplace solutions for their customers.

To move into the meeting room space is not as daunting as you think for reseller partners. Resellers must simply get to know a few of the unique challenges and opportunities, and they’ll be well-established before they know it.

Once partners have expanded into video conferencing, it often leads to other opportunities and projects. With successful video conferencing installs brings conversations into other related areas, such as digital signage and content streaming.

The need for a successful communication solution is increasing as we adjust to hybrid working. Digital signage helps upgrade the working environment, enhance meeting efficiency, and maintain audience attention due to consistent brightness and visibility under any condition of ambient lighting.

If the end customer wants to utilise their digital screens to display content when they aren’t in use for video conferencing, reseller partners can even provide content on an ongoing basis. All of these opportunities not only help partners build recurring revenue potential, but they also strengthen their relationship for years to come as businesses continue to adapt to the changing workforce.

The Absen line of LED displays has emerged as a real innovator in the corporate space with its environmental credentials that help decrease business’s environmental impact. It also offers unique size LED panel that gives maximum design flexibility to fit into existing office spaces in a range of pixel pitches, resolutions, and budget requirements. It is one of the thinnest and lightest displays on the market delivering vibrant, bright images, ideally designed to connect team members with each other, regardless of location, centrally deliver corporate messages and provide effective training tools to employees.

The Absen screens can be used with your existing CMS platform, to enhance and upgrade existing Signage deployments, as well as being the headline act in any new projects.

All Absen LED displays are optimised to offer high brightness, detailed image quality, seamless and uniform pictures – they are a powerful tool to deliver a more immersive visual experience.

TD Synnex Maverick are the UK distributor for Absen and hold UK stock of both the Absenicon 3.0 Series, K- series and the A27 Plus Series. There are a variety of different pixel pitches to accommodate the viewing distances and our specialists can offer you a full configuration specification sheet for peace of mind. Maverick also support our partners with bespoke and off-the-shelf mounting solutions, we offer a free onsite consultancy initial meeting at the location to discuss the required 1-2-1. Other services maverick can offer is a full technical site survey and installation services, if required.

To see the Absen LED range in action, book an exclusive appointment at the Maverick Customer Briefing Centre to chat through your requirements with one of our LED specialists.