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Microsoft Security contains a wealth of industry leading cybersecurity solutions, all accessible through the Microsoft CSP program. Often these security solutions are bundled together in M365 licences, but can often not be fully utilised by customers. CSP partners have a unique opportunity to protect their customers with Microsoft Security products without the need to have multiple vendors, contracts and orders. Furthermore, the inter-connectivity of the Microsoft Security suite allows for synchronicity across customers admin portals. TD SYNNEX have developed solutions, resources and training to help enable, collaborate with, and deploy Microsoft Security solutions. In this blog, we will look into Security Management as a pillar of Microsoft Security.

Within Microsoft, their security management solution is not just a single console. Their intelligent security management solutions integrate where it counts, but also offers specialised tools for different functions.

Microsoft can help you consolidate from many data points to just the important ones while ensuring that your specialised teams have the flexibility and freedom to manage their security as per the unique needs of that component, whether it is identity, devices, apps or infrastructure.

However, the key that makes Microsoft security management consoles much more effective is the intelligence sharing, which helps your organisation maintain a consistent and robust security posture.

With Microsoft, intelligence is shared through the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. Harnessing the power of machine learning, processing trillions of pieces of data from billions of devices, Microsoft can make the security management solutions work for you. This shared intelligence is leveraged by the management consoles across Identity, Devices, Apps & Data and Infrastructure- helping security admins and operation centre teams to get important information optimised for their workloads.

Microsoft believe that the key for a CISO’s success in managing security is not about a single console across everything, but integration wherever it makes sense. You don’t need all the point solutions to manage data points to sift through to secure your end user devices and expanding networks. With single vendor management, built-in controls that come with Microsoft solutions and the underlying intelligence graph, Microsoft can becomes your trusted partner in achieving intelligent security management. Through utilising TD SYNNEX’s Click-2-Run for Azure Sentinel, we can help make a complicated SIEM deployment run smoothly and configure the set up as per your requirements.

This article has touched the surface of Microsoft Security Management products, there are many more to highlight, such as their Security Centres and Azure Sentinel. To talk about these in more detail, get in touch, or book a meeting.

Help customers to improve their security posture through intelligent security management solutions – TD SYNNEX can work with partners, collaboratively on the enablement and deployment of Microsoft Security Management solutions.

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