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Microsoft Security contains a wealth of industry leading cybersecurity solitons, all accessible through the Microsoft CSP program. Often these security solutions are bundled together in M365 licences, but can often not be fully utilised by customers. CSP partners have a unique opportunity to protect their customers with Microsoft Security products without the need to have multiple vendors, contracts and orders. Furthermore, the inter-connectivity of the Microsoft Security suite allows for synchronicity across customers admin portals. TD SYNNEX have developed solutions, resources and training to help enable, collaborate with, and deploy Microsoft Security solutions. In this blog, we will look into Threat Protection as a pillar of Microsoft Security.

Within Microsoft Security, Threat Protection has three key aims. First is the Enablement of organisations to protect themselves against advanced cyberattacks. Secondly, by providing organisations with solutions which can help detect suspicious behaviour within the organisation. Finally, since no security solution is ever 100% effective, there must be processes and tools to quickly respond to threats which enable damage control and limit the effects from an attack.

With these targeted solutions in mind, Microsoft has built Threat Protection security products which are ideal for today’s businesses. Microsoft offer a combination of traditional approaches such as anti-malware, new innovations such as user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) to provide a multi-layered threat protection posture. While it is important to focus on the prevention of attacks, Microsoft also leverage post-breach detection and response to provide a holistic defence against cyberattacks.

One of the Microsoft Security products within the Threat Protection pillar is Defender for Office 365. Defender for Office 365 offers a solution that protects your organisation and employees from advanced, targeted and zero-day phishing, malware and email compromise attacks. Through seamless integration with Defender for Endpoint, customers can leverage automated investigation and advanced hunting across their digital estate. TD SYNNEX can help with the deployment and set up of Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection products with our Click-2-Run for Office 365.

This article has touched the surface of Microsoft Threat Protection products, there are many more to highlight, such as their threat intelligence, and defender suite. To talk about these in more detail, get in touch, or book a meeting.

Help customers to improve their security posture through protecting, detecting and responding to cyberattacks – TD SYNNEX can work with partners, collaboratively on the enablement and deployment of Microsoft Threat Protection solutions.

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