Provide elastic capacity with Dell APEX Flex on Demand


The technology market never stands still. Customers want the latest innovations available at their fingertips and they want them NOW.

Because of this pressure, many businesses have found themselves purchasing excess capacity upfront, effectively paying for technology that they will never end up using. This is not only a sting to their bottom line, but could also mean the difference between giving the go-ahead to other critical projects due to lack of funding or capacity.

To prevent this from happening, partners need to provide their customers with access to the right programmes and services to negate the issue. That’s where Dell APEX Flex on Demand comes in.

What is Dell APEX Flex on Demand?

Dell APEX Flex on Demand is an agile consumption model that allows organisations to pay only for the technology that they need, with payments that adjust up or down to match actual usage. The capacity that your customers use is measured by automated tools, and a single billing rate helps them to accurately predict future costs.

With Flex on Demand, users can customise their hardware and software configurations and set ‘Committed’ and ‘Buffer Capacity’ upfront. It also gives additional peace of mind by capping total monthly billing at 85% usage of total installed capacity – an offer unmatched by other infrastructure providers!*.

With the power of Dell Technologies behind you, you can provide your customers with the ultimate as-a-service experience.

Key Benefits


From day one we install what customers need, now and in the future, and measure their usage with automated tools installed within the equipment.


Users can respond quickly to new service requests, workload fluctuations and changes driven by the business to improve their IT flexibility.


Customers pay for elastic resources only as they are consumed and avoid the cost of over provisioning.

Why TD SYNNEX for Dell APEX Flex on Demand?

Our specialist TD SYNNEX Dell Technologies team are here to be your Trusted Advisor, ensuring that your journey is simple and efficient through from quote to order.

We have developed a seamless quoting experience, smooth order processing, and easy delivery and installation services to help you to provide your customers with the technology that they need, quickly and efficiently.

It's time to start your APEX Flex on Demand journey!

To learn more about Dell APEX Flex on Demand and how TD SYNNEX can help you to take advantage of this opportunity, download our free infographic or get in touch with our friendly team today:

*Available with Flex on Demand for Storage, Data Protection, and VxRail. Dark sites, non-metered deployments, and customers non-compliant with their contract terms are not eligible.