Redefine mission-critical data storage with HPE Primera from TD SYNNEX




Mission-critical workloads are what unlock innovation and allow your customers to get ahead and disrupt their market. Minimal server downtime, then, is crucial to businesses making the most of their data and growing as a result.

It therefore pays for your customers to invest in data storage that won’t let them down just when they need it; to be as close to 100% available as possible.

HPE Primera data storage goes one better: HPE Primera guarantees 100% availability. And if your customers experience less than 100% availability as a result of a qualified outage, HPE will work with them to resolve the issue and provide credit(s) to apply toward a future purchase or upgrade of HPE Primera.

Active data, all the time

To achieve this unrivalled performance, HPE Primera features a unique, massively parallel, multi-node, all-active platform. This allows for all volumes active on all controllers, host ports, and media at all times, making for no downtime.

When the time comes for your customers’ Primera to be upgraded, HPE have them covered there too. So long as customers remain subscribed to the HPE Technology Refresh Service, HPE will provide a non-disruptive storage technology refresh every three years. It keeps all supporting hardware and software up-to-date in a process that future proofs your customers’ data storage, all without disrupting their operations.

A host of benefits

By offering HPE Primera to your customers, you’re not only providing 100% availability, they’ll also be able to take advantage of the following:

– Lower Total Cost of Ownership – Because HPE have removed the need for downtime, there’s no costly loss of functionality. Your customers servers run uninterrupted, driving insights continually.

– HPE Store More Guarantee – Thanks to HPE Primera’s ultra-efficient flash storage ability, HPE’s Store More Guarantee ensures if your customers aren’t satisfied, HPE will provide expert assistance, or deliver additional storage.

– Super-fast Set up and Upgrade – HPE Primera solutions can be set up in 20 minutes from rack-to-apps, with storage provisioned in seconds. Software upgrades can be done in five minutes with a single click.
Your customers no longer have to sacrifice agility for resiliency.

Data storage investment is an investment, but with HPE Primera from TD SYNNEX, it ensures your customers can innovate without compromise.

For more information contact the TD SYNNEX HPE team today or download our battlecard on HPE Primera.

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