Seize the Momentum with Install Base for Cisco


Reveal the opportunities hidden in plain sight

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, it doesn’t hide anything, it simply tells us everything we should have done in a given situation. The drawback, of course, is by the time we gain hindsight, it’s too late to act. This is why foresight is far superior; having information that allows you to spot trends, opportunities, and gaps in coverage before they pass enables you to act in time, giving much greater results.

Foresight in the channel is essentially another word for insight – insight into what customers are looking for in products and solutions, insight into how they actually use them, and insight into what their next move is likely to be.

Gaining this insight, however, is usually easier said than done.

Introducing Momentum Install Base

Momentum Install Base (MIB) delivers insight as standard. Designed as a module within TD SYNNEX’s Momentum Programme, MIB is a detailed report for our Cisco partners, providing a comprehensive picture of Cisco sales data, renewals, and support in the channel.

Armed with this information, partners are able to get a step up on their competitors, gaining much greater visibility on the current state of play within the Cisco sales community.

Partners using MIB will see:

– Current trends and sales figures in Cisco products and solutions
– Immediate actions to take on customer estates
– Upcoming renewal dates
– Non-supported hardware in service
– Yearly last date of support (LDoS) hardware, outlining migration paths

All data supplied within partners’ MIB reports is based solely on Cisco sales data, and users will be unable to identify specific details of other Cisco partners, meaning no one need fear disclosure of sensitive information.

The foresight that drives growth

The key point of MIB is for our partners to better realise the extent and reach of their Cisco install base within the channel, and to best adapt and secure their priorities ahead of any looming deadlines and potential missed opportunities.

Spot the openings before your competition with Momentum Install Base, and gain the insight that vastly enhances your Cisco strategy.

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