Why HPE Simplivity wins in making Hybrid IT simpler than ever




Today’s IT challenges centralise around the rapid proliferation of applications and the increasing cost of maintaining legacy infrastructure for mission-critical systems that just can’t provide the power, simplicity, and speed necessary to keep up with the modern business.

In fact, if we look at the figures, apps are growing 5 times faster than IT can deliver whilst managing the IT stack consumes 80% of time and budgets!

To meet these high demands of the enterprise, your customers will be pressured by rising costs, performance threats, and unmanageable complexities in the race to move faster and be more agile. To overcome these challenges, Hyperconverged infrastructure systems can empower IT to reduce the cost and complexity of their IT environment and deliver the technology the enterprise needs in order to survive today’s modern business world.

Introducing HPE SimpliVity – The simple, scalable & powerful enterprise-grade, software-defined hyperconverged platform HPE SimpliVity unites best-in-class data services with the world’s bestselling server to offer the industry’s most complete guarantee that makes hybrid IT simpler than ever for users. By combining your customers’ infrastructure & advanced data services into one flexible building block, HPE Simplivity can help you to reduce the complexity of their IT environment at a fraction of the cost of traditional and public cloud solutions.

Your customers get a fast and powerful solution with always-on deduplication & compression that:

– Guarantees 90% capacity savings across storage and backup
– Simplifies operations & boosts efficiency
– Creates 49% TCO savings over three years, compared to AWS
– Achieves reduced data centre devices by 10:1 & TCO by 73%

So why is HPE SimpliVity the industry-leading solution? Let’s take a look at some of the features & benefits that sets this platform apart from other hyperconverged offerings:

It’s POWERFUL: Average 40:1 data efficiency = lower cost and higher performance
HPE SimpliVity’s modern data architecture powers & protects some of the world’s most efficient & resilient data centres. It guarantees 10:1 efficiency, whereas competitor’ solutions provide only a fraction of this, with deduplication and compression significantly slowing performance.

It’s EFFICIENT: Accelerated data efficiency = more efficient use of compute and storage
By eliminating redundant write operations, HPE SimpliVity improves storage performance. With other vendor solutions, data efficiency competes with business applications for processor power and deduplication fails to eliminate redundant write operations.

It’s RESILIENT: Enterprise-grade resilience = less downtime and lower cost
With just two nodes, HPE SimpliVity achieves enterprise-level resilience. Competitor’ solutions demand additional nodes to ensure enterprise-level resilience – driving up hypervisor license costs and power consumption, imposing an additional 50% storage and 25% performance overhead.

It’s COMPLETE: Superior native backup and disaster recovery – no add-ons required
The built-in backup and DR of HPE SimpliVity delivers 10-minute RPO and 60-seconds or less on average for local backup or restore of a 1 TB VM—guaranteed. The recovery time for alternative solutions means that their customers still need to rely on third-party backup – incurring additional cost and without the speed or convenience of HPE SimpliVity.

It’s SIMPLE: HPE SimpliVity and vCenter integration

Anyone who knows vCenter can get going with HPE SimpliVity in minutes so it’s simple to learn & use. The intuitive VM-centric management streamlines operations & empowers IT generalists. Other vendor solutions force you to learn and use their proprietary tools, resulting in a more complex environment with yet another pane of glass to manage.

Here’s how HPE Simplivity Hyperconverged infrastructure is solving IT challenges across various industries…

After Formula One’s Red Bull Racing team replaced its legacy systems with HPE SimpliVity, they recorded 4.5x faster performance, increased agility & lower TCO

Pitt Ohio, a Pennsylvania trucking company, benefitted from simplified management, reduced data centre sprawl, & improved data protection/disaster recovery, all at a 3-year cost savings of $250,000

St. John’s Riverside Hospital transformed its IT environment with HPE SimpliVity, benefiting from integrated data protection, reduced backup times, & improved performance for essential applications

In a recent Forrester Report, the backup manager of one company explained “We wanted to be able to manage everything from one place. HPE SimpliVity allows us to manage the entire virtualised environment from vCenter, which was one piece that was compelling us to adopt HPE SimpliVity.”

One IT manager also said “Getting rid of IOPS during the proof of concept with HPE SimpliVity was an eye opener. Prior to HPE SimpliVity, we had a file server that was running about 700 to 800 IOPS. With HPE SimpliVity, we’ve seen a drastic reduction in IOPS across all 200 servers in our environment.”

Start innovating now – There’s no need to wait!

From the above, it’s easy to see why Hyperconverged solutions have been increasing in popularity in recent years. This presents a new and exciting opportunity for partners, allowing you to unlock new business and help your customers deliver significant operational and financial benefits.

TD SYNNEX’s HPE team is always on-hand to help you find, develop and deliver business opportunities so your customers can start enjoying the benefits of hyperconvergence sooner than you think with HPE SimpliVity – the industry’s only ‘built for enterprise’ hyperconverged offering. Get in touch with your Account Manager to find out more.

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