You’ve heard of Bose Professional – have you heard of Bose Videobar VB-S?


Maverick, Bose



Bose Professional, renowned for its excellent audio equipment sound quality, has taken the meeting room space by storm with the Bose Videobar VB-S. Working with them for the last 18 months has been great to see the response from the market to this product and the halo effect that audio excellence can have with end user perception.

Bose Professional has taken decades of experience in the professional market and designed a video bar to simplify the process of video calling in the workspace. This great film sums up the VB-S experience in just 90 seconds.

What sets this all-in-one USB conferencing device apart is how accurately it represents real-life small-sized meeting spaces to the remote user. We are seeing it deployed in huddle spaces, meeting booths and rooms up to 3 x 3 metres, offering an all in one solution alongside a flat panel display.

The device provides dynamic vocal response, with its quartet of beam-steering microphones. What this means is that conversation becomes more natural, as the Bose Videobar VB-S actively focuses on voices, using exclusion zones to help reject any background noise or unwanted sound. Adding to this, the auto EQ function delivers optimised audio to all participants at every frequency.

This product is doing a really great job of ensuring remote participants feel part of the room, thanks to its crystal clear 4K HD Camera imagery. By activating auto-framing mode you can keep the entire cohort of the room in view, creating a sense of harmony which is often lacking in normal video conferencing. Alternatively, follow-me mode is just as simple and can be activated to track a single presenter during presentations to provide quality visuals and audio for the audience.

What makes it a big win for consumers is its elegant, low-profile design engineered by Bose Professional with a proprietary transducer, which makes it possible for loudspeakers, microphones, and electronics to be housed closely together while delivering rich intelligible audio without interference.

The device works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and more for a smooth installation, bringing an enhanced video and audio performance to whichever your Unified Communications video conferencing platform of choice may be.

In the latest Bose Videobar VB-S 1.0.1 firmware update, a minor firmware issue has been removed. Users who have updated their device will notice that they are no longer experiencing the technological fault of the camera no longer sending video after exiting the low-power/standby mode, ensuring users have a streamlined experience.

There’s also firmware updates for the Bose Videobar VB1 too:

New feature updates:

  • Certificate management – installation and management of authentication keys and certificates.
  • Crestron API integration / AMX API integration

Performance Improvements

  • Image Processing – improved colour adjustments(hue and saturation) to produce a more visually pleasing image.
  • Compatibility and connectivity – issues have been resolved