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Cisco: Secure the Hybrid workforce with this leading SASE solution

Hybrid working has become the standard, with many companies embracing a model that allows employees to blend in-office and remote work for increased flexibility and support. However, this shift brings heightened security concerns to prevent potential vulnerabilities from being exploited. To proactively address these challenges, a convergence of networking and security known as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) has emerged.

Cisco offers solutions designed to safeguard the hybrid workforce by employing zero-trust methodologies while ensuring secure access from any location. Core SASE solutions, such as Cisco+ Secure Connect and Cisco Secure Access, leverage the Meraki platform, providing customers with a straightforward blueprint for a secure and seamless SASE implementation. Complementing these solutions, TD SYNNEX introduces the Cisco Security CLUB, an exclusive program open to Advance partners strategically engaged with TD SYNNEX on Cisco. This program aims to accelerate business growth and drive Cisco security sales across Europe.

The Cisco Security CLUB, recently launched and invitation-only, is now extended to all Advance partners collaborating with TD SYNNEX on Cisco. This initiative is designed to expedite business growth and foster Cisco security sales expansion throughout Europe.

In essence, the focus is on rethinking SASE and advocating for a unified SASE strategy that ensures secure connectivity and optimal user experiences. Cisco’s integrated solutions, powered by the Meraki platform, combined with the support of TD SYNNEX through initiatives like the Cisco Security CLUB, offer a comprehensive approach to address the evolving needs of the hybrid workforce while prioritizing security. It’s a call to consider a unified SASE approach for a secure, efficient, and cohesive working environment.

Empowering GenAI Innovation: Dell's Comprehensive Solutions Portfolio

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, organizations seek cutting-edge solutions to unlock the full potential of GenAI. Dell Technologies, a pioneer in the industry, now offers the world’s most extensive GenAI solutions portfolio. This comprehensive range encompasses infrastructure, software, and services, creating a robust foundation to propel GenAI efforts across diverse workloads.

One notable feature of Dell’s GenAI offerings is the flexibility it provides, spanning from deskside to data centre, catering to on-premises and private/hybrid cloud environments. The multicloud approach empowers organizations to drive breakthrough GenAI innovation within their preferred ecosystem. This adaptability ensures that businesses can leverage GenAI advancements seamlessly, aligning with their unique needs and preferences.

Navigating the complexities of GenAI deployment can be a daunting task, but Dell simplifies the process with its Validated Designs. These designs eliminate guesswork, offering trusted, proven configurations tailored for inferencing, model customization, and tuning. Backed by deployment guidance, enterprises of all sizes can confidently implement best-in-class infrastructure, guided by expert advisors.

Dell goes beyond hardware and infrastructure, extending its support through Managed and Professional Services. From data preparation to GenAI education and implementation, these services enable customers to jumpstart their GenAI journey. By deploying fully managed infrastructure, organizations can accelerate their GenAI initiatives, achieving better and faster business results.

Storage is a critical component of any GenAI strategy, and Dell addresses this need with resilient and scalable solutions. PowerScale with GPUDirect technology, ECS Object Storage, and modern data lakehouse architecture form the backbone of a contemporary data strategy for GenAI. These solutions ensure efficient handling of unstructured data, providing the necessary support for AI workloads.

During the series we cover:

  • An introduction to AI
  • Preparing for AI at scale
  • Data Science Day 1 & Day 2
  • Identification of an AI opportunity
  • Common Pitfalls
  • AI in the Channel
  • TD SYNNEX Channel Support
  • HPE Partner Spotlight
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What are the challenges being faced with AI? - Hosted by IBM

At the latest TD SYNNEX Advanced Solutions Partner Event in Oxford, the theme was Partner Collaboration.

Following the plenary session, partners were able to attend three round tables covering the industry trending topics of Cloud, Security and Artificial Intelligence, AI.

The AI session included a market summary with views from key AI vendors such as IBM and Open AI, followed by introductions from the partners and their current status regarding the use of AI.

Despite being at the leading edge of solution delivery in the UK, the round table discussion highlighted a number of key challenges facing partners and the wider industry, including:

  • A difference in adoption rates of AI technology such as Generative AI by age group. Most users of ChatGPT for example were found to be younger attendees.
  • A lack of company policies in place, providing guardrails for how employees should use Generative AI. Despite the recognition that it could significantly accelerate certain workloads no company was offering to pay subscriptions for the likes of ChatGPT.
  • Where employees purchase their own subscriptions, this creates a problem as the business is unaware of who is and who is not using AI as part of their work, and what policies might be appropriate to introduce.
  • Partners admitted that they are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of change. And governments are not providing adequate guidance or regulation. If a company had devised an AI Strategy in 2022 it would have been out of date by 2023.
  • Businesses will need to continually review their use of AI, maintaining applications whilst continually checking the data used for training and the validity of data output. AI applications are not something you implement and leave alone. They will require constant monitoring and updating with guardrails reflecting legislation and best practice.
  • The potential for AI to blur the lines between work and personal life. As AI becomes more sophisticated, it will be increasingly difficult to separate work and personal interactions.

AI is going to touch every aspect of our lives. It will change the world. But how it will change the world is up to us—to all of us.

Darío Gil
Senior Vice President and Director of Research IBM

Microsoft’s Migrate2Azure: Accelerating Cloud Success for TD SYNNEX Partners

In a bid to help TD SYNNEX partners on their cloud journey, the Migrate2Azure program is here for a seamless transition. This program offers funding support for partners looking to migrate customers to the Azure cloud, with key objectives:


Boost Cloud Adoption

Drive increased cloud services adoption among partners and their customers.

New Revenue Streams

Generate new revenue opportunities for partners by providing value-added cloud services.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer loyalty with reliable and scalable cloud migration services.

Overcome Budget Constraints

Unblock stalled cloud projects due to budget constraints or cost barriers.

Support MAICPP Designation

Assist partners in achieving the prestigious MAICPP Azure Infrastructure Designation.

What Partners Gain:

Skilled Expertise Access

Benefit from experienced professionals for a smooth migration experience.

Focus on Core Activities

Maintain focus on core business activities while Migrate2Azure handles complexities.

Minimize Operational Risks

Reduce operational risks associated with cloud migration.

ACR Increase with No Investment

Boost Annual Contract Revenue (ACR) without significant upfront investment.

12-Month Azure Contract Tie-In

Secure stable revenue by tying in customers with a 12-month Azure contract.