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The number one competitive differentiator which ranked as the top factor in maintaining the IT channel relevance and health is customer experience (CX) as identified by CompTIA in their recent report. As we have seen the increasing importance of cybersecurity in recent years, it’s no surprise to see it feature in the top five priorities in maintaining a relevant IT channel, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion featuring in the top ten as this focus becomes ever more prevalent.
We’ve been hearing a lot about the market forces driving against business since Covid and the subsequent economic instability, so let’s take a look at the factors driving our businesses forwards!

CompTIA identified that 66% of channel organisations saw their profit margins increase over the past two years, mainly due to service offerings such as business consulting, IT consulting and managed services. This growth was in comparison to only 13% seeing a decrease and 21% no change (‘2023 State of the Channel’ CompTIA Research, May 2023) This drive towards IT services links in with the projected growth in services revenues highlighted in last quarter’s newsletter as identified in the TD SYNNEX Technology Ecosystem Benchmark Report Q4 2022.

The top factor contributing to increased profit margins was the transition to new business/revenue models demonstrating that the evolution of partners is having a significant impact on the channel and driving partners profitability.

If you’d like to discuss market insights further and how TD SYNNEX can assist you with the opportunities and challenges these insights might present to your organisation, then please get in touch with your account manager or our Advance Programme Manager –

Cisco: Security Step-up Programme

Security resilience is foundational to business strategy and collectively prioritised throughout the organisation. Resilience is about verifying threats and ensuring that teams can ensure that their next action is the best one. Security resilience suffers from all sorts of security gaps, but threat actors know that human beings are the most vulnerable soft spot. This leads to three critical attack vectors of:

  • Phishing emails
  • Unauthorised access to networks and applications
  • Exposure to web-borne malware

At Cisco, it’s time to defend against all three! We have introduced Cisco Security Step-up to deploy three powerful lines of defence to secure and strengthen your business. Only Cisco can offer the breadth of cloud security solutions to protect every critical attack vector — email, web traffic, and user credentials — in a single step.

Cisco Security Step-up ensure that you gain full coverage of security protection with no gaps. That coverage comes in three solutions working together to protect your people, applications, and data:



  • Block email threats like phishing with Cisco Secure Email Threat defence.

Emails are the NO.1 threat vector and the route for 40% of ransomware attacks. Block email threats before users can see them.

  • Secure web traffic with Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway (SIG).

Protect users wherever and whenever they click to ensure that they do not end up on phishing sites.

  • Prevent unauthorized access and credential theft with Duo.

Strong user authentication and device verification is used with DUO to prevent intrusions and sophisticated identity-based attacks.




Only Cisco delivers comprehensive protections in a single offering against all critical attack vectors: email, web traffic, and user credentials. To get this protection elsewhere, you’d have to procure multiple products from multiple vendors. With Cisco, the Step up program offers a 75% discount promo on a bundle of Cisco Secure email, Umbrella and Duo. There is also an option to add in a firewall to access further discount.  The firewall can also be substituted in to replace one of the other elements of the bundle.

Explore all our podcasts on the Security Step-up Programme!

There has never been a better time to close the critical security where we see attackers targeting 9 million times an hour. With the Cisco podcast series below, we provide an overview of the programme, the use cases of Umbrella and Duo and, what Cisco are doing to help implement the solutions.

Dell Technologies APEX – Flex on Demand

APEX Flex on Demand is a pay-per-use flexible consumption model for custom configurations, delivering elastic capacity that is measured a t the product level. This in turn allows customers to acquire the Dell Technologies products and services they need to support their changing business with payments that scale to match actual usage while eliminating the need for a large up-front expenditure.

APEX Flex on Demand scales technology to match business changes.

By selecting the right technology and services to design a custom solution that is right for the business, one can scale capacity up or down and pay for only what they use. This allows for financial flexibility to maintain greater agility within an organisation.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the solution – determine the hardware software and services that meet ones needs
  2. Simplified pricing and budgeting –.Simplified pricing for custom configurations and the 85% billing cap enable to budget and predict payments even when usage is variable
  3. Select the deployed capacity – TD  SYNNEX and Dell will help you establish the “Committed Capacity” needed and the “Buffer Capacity” required in the future. All technology is installed and available on day one
  4. Meter usage – Each payment made is comprised of a fixed Committed Capacity amount plus a variable Buffer Capacity amount
  5. Buffer capacity usage – measured at a component level on a regular basis using automated tools installed with the equipment
  6. Realise savings – Drive lower usage charges by selecting higher levels of committed capacity and lower  usage periods and trigger lower usage rates as workloads increase beyond the initial committed capacity.


Why Dell APEX Flex on Demand with TD SYNNEX?

  • Simplicity – from day one, TD SYNNEX and Dell, help with installation for the now and the future by measuring usage with automated tools installed within the equipment.
  • Agility – Dell and TD SYNNEX are here to support and respond quickly to new service requests, workload fluctuations and changes within the business to improve IT flexibility.
  • Control – Customise hardware and software configurations based on workload requirements to achieve cost control. Avoid the cost of over provisioning by paying for elastic resources only as they are consumed.

Tune in to Our Tea & Tech webinar and discover how HPE is transforming data lifecycle management with expanded HPE Alletra MP


HPE has launched a new, modular storage solution that can be configured for block or file storage to assist organisations in overcoming this data lifecycle dilemma. The HPE Alletra Storage MP can scale independently for performance and capacity and enables a disaggregated architecture with different storage protocols on the same hardware. Regardless of the workload or storage protocol, customers gain from having a single, integrated cloud platform to install, manage, and orchestrate data and storage services. While improving investment protection, HPE Alletra Storage MP’s flexibility offers greater value for performance today and the capability to cost-effectively build out infrastructure on the same hardware in the future. Additionally, the AIOps-powered intuitive cloud experience makes it possible to provide and manage storage without the need for specialised knowledge.

With the help of the new file and block options, users can store, manage, and secure all sorts of data from a single platform across hybrid clouds thanks to HPE Alletra Storage MP’s versatile architecture. Together, the new data services provide clients an easy cloud operating experience that transforms data lifecycle management and helps them succeed in the insight era.


Hot off the press John Prosser (TDSYNNEX HPE Data Services & Solutions BDM) interviews HPE’s James Hall as they discuss the exciting new HPE Storage Announcements from May 2023. With key insights regarding Alletra MP as well as additional subscription aaS offerings. Plus find out how HPE are accelerating their Everything as a Service portfolio.

Why harness the power of HPE Alletra with TD SYNNEX?

  • Dedicated HPE Business Team with dedicated resources
  • Support your business by taking advantage of HPEs transformation in storage, data service and HPE GreenLake
  • Discover more around the HPE offerings by listening into our unique tea and tech series where we interview HPE worldwide leads specific to the UK Market
  • Only distributor in the UK to have HPE Alletra demo capabilities in our Business Solutions Centre based in Bracknell
  • HPE distributor of the year award 2022

Tune In now follow sign posts to MODULE 12

Upcoming IBM Events

We’ve got a great selection of events coming up over the next few weeks if you’re interested in how TD SYNNEX and IBM can assist you on sustainability and the journey to net zero, data security and resiliency challenges or if you have a focus on working with the NHS.

Storage Roundtable

The latest in our roundtable series, we will be discussing our brand new offering from IBM Storage: IBM Storage Defender. The agenda includes :
– Data Security challenge
– Steps to Data Resiliency
– IBM Storage for Data Resiliency
– IBM Storage Defender | IBM

When: 4th July
Speak to your account manager, or christopher.barnes@tdsynnex.com if you are interested in finding out more

TD SYNNEX and IBM Sustainability Ecosystem Event

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to this exclusive TD SYNNEX and IBM Ecosystem Event.

This time we’re looking at sustainability and how you can reduce your carbon footprint whilst delivering IBM solutions that will help customers move towards their net zero carbon (NZC) goals.

When: 29th June

There are limited places so please speak to your account manager, or neil.cornish@tdsynnex.com if you are interested in finding out more.

NHS CEP event

Our Innovation in Healthcare programme has engaged the NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs, IBMs NHS Account team, their security team and a wide cross section of IBM partners selling into healthcare.

We have run two significant events, value proposition workshops and we will be presenting to the 2023 Clinical Entrepreneur cohort at IBM in 2 weeks’ time to continue the cycle. This has provided an opportunity to showcase how TD SYNNEX adds value to partners, our vendor and the industry.

When: 22nd June
For more details, please speak to your account manager or reach out to Neil Cornish neil.cornish@tdsynnex.com

Upcoming Microsoft CSP Events

We have two exciting Microsoft CSP events coming up in June that we invite you to register for:

TD SYNNEX Solutions Forum – Warrington – Friday 23rd June


With all the changes we have seen with Microsoft over the last 18-months including the introduction of Microsoft Commerce Experience (NCE) and the changes to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, it is more important than ever we are ensuring you have all the support and knowledge on how to navigate and utilise all the tools at your disposal to work smarter not harder and achieve more!

For more details or to register view the registration page below

TD SYNNEX Microsoft Partner Pledge Event – Basingstoke – Wednesday 28th June

9.30am – 1.30pm

Plus the chance to secure your seat on one of the Microsoft roundtables following the event. Only limited spaces are available for this.

TD SYNNEX has committed to the Microsoft Partner Pledge which covers 3 key areas: Growing Talent in our industry, Enhancing Diversity & Inclusion and Shaping a desirable world. Join us at this event to hear about activities that fall into these areas and why you should be signing the partner pledge as well.

You will hear from Microsoft, TD SYNNEX and industry experts in the areas that the Partner Pledge focuses on: Skilling, DE&I and Sustainability. One of these experts is ex-England rugby star Andrew Gomarsall MBE, who is passionate about everything sustainability and recycling related

TD SYNNEX Empowering Our VMware Channel Partners: Unleashing Potential for Success!

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering our valued VMware Channel Partners. At TD SYNNEX, we believe in providing the tools, resources, and support necessary for our partners to unlock their full potential and achieve unparalleled success in the VMware ecosystem.

TD SYNNEX is committed to empowering our channel partners to assist their end users in unwrapping the complexities of VMware and ensuring their IT infrastructure needs are met with confidence. We understand that the multitude of options available for purchasing VMware licencing can be overwhelming for end users. We recognise that the transition from traditional perpetual licenses and annual support renewals to new subscription models like vSphere+ and vSAN+ or VMware License as a Service or the move to a VMware hosted service providers, or even to the Cloud with VMC on AWS can be overwhelming for end users.

That’s why we have developed the VMware Choice Assessment, in collaboration with VMware and CapametriX, to provide our channel partners with the tools and insights they need to guide their end users through the decision-making process.

We aim to empower our channel partners to unravel the confusion surrounding VMware and help their end users make informed choices, with the VMware Choice Assessment.  By leveraging our assessment, our partners can gain a comprehensive understanding of their end users’ specific requirements, challenges, and goals. This enables them to align the right VMware purchasing model for their end users’ IT infrastructure needs, ensuring a seamless and successful implementation.

Through the assessment process, our channel partners can assist end users in evaluating key drivers such as optimizing costs, accelerating their cloud journey, eliminating wasteful spending, enabling business agility, and accessing critical IT skill sets. By addressing these drivers, our partners can help their end users make strategic decisions that align with their business objectives and drive their success.

By leveraging the VMware Choice Assessment and TD SYNNEX’s support, partners gain more time to focus on identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities, increased revenue, and margin opportunities. Becoming a trusted advisor through our empowering resources enables partners to accelerate VMware growth, stay ahead of the competition, and solidify your position as leaders in the industry.

At TD SYNNEX, we believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. We provide our channel partners with the necessary resources, expertise, and support to navigate the VMware landscape and effectively support their end users. Together, we can simplify the VMware journey, provide clarity, and ensure that end users’ IT infrastructure needs are met, enabling their businesses to thrive in today’s ever-changing technology landscape.

By empowering our channel partners, we enable them to be trusted advisors to their end users, guiding them through the VMware decision-making process and helping them unlock the potential of VMware solutions. Let TD SYNNEX be your partner in empowering your channel business to navigate VMware confusion and ensure your end users’ IT infrastructure needs are met with confidence and success.

To gather more information about the assessment, we suggest reaching out to one of our business development managers via email at VMwareChoice@TDSYNNEX.COM. Rest assured, our team will promptly get in touch with you.