Introducing CapametriX to the TD SYNNEX Advance Programme

Following the award winning success our VMware partners have experienced with CapametriX, we’re extending this offering through the Advance Programme across a range of our vendors and solutions.

So, what is CapametriX?

In short it is a Digital Consultative SaaS platform enabling consultative selling and lead generation.

The system uses custom-built assessment templates tailored to address specific challenges faced by your clients, this enables your sellers and marketeers to generate qualified opportunities to sell or upsell complex solutions or new products into existing or net new logo account quickly and simply without extensive training.

The responder answers affirmative self-assessment statements which then enables the platform to create a report highlighting the issues the responder has and the TD SYNNEX solutions they need to improve their own maturity levels through you and your business.

The best news is that on average every 3.2 assessment reports completed convert into pipeline revenue!


These fully funded assessments will be rebranded in line with your guidelines free of charge.

Request as many links as you require, why not combine the power of digital consultancy with the impact of measuring customer propensity using IQBlade?

If you’d like to find out more, TD SYNNEX as your trusted advisor is here to help you with CapametriX through the Advance Programme. To book a demonstration of the platform please contact your account manager or Deborah Pilling, Advance Programme Manager.

If you’d like to discuss CapametriX in more detail, please contact your Advance Programme Manager, Deborah Pilling.

Funded Market Intelligence Platform Licences available to Advance Partners

IQBlade is TD SYNNEX’s market intelligence business, providing users with data insights on tap, the platform provides marketers and sellers with a wealth of research into target organisations. With the IQBlade platform you can access prospect and contact identification, tech stack analysis, and real time insights. Recent additions to the functionality includes public sector contracts and public sector spend data.

Through the Advance Programme, we can provide qualifying member partners with an Enterprise class license for the IQBlade platform, valued at £3,950 per annum, this license offers access for up to 5 users. Find out more about IQBlade data insights, book a demonstration of the platform and access your funded license by either contacting your account manager or Deborah Pilling, Advance Programme Manager.

If you’d like to discuss IQ Blade in more detail, please contact your Advance Programme Manager, Deborah Pilling.

Cisco: Supercharge the security of the hybrid workforce with this game-changing SASE solution

Hybrid working is the new-norm. Over the past couple of years we’ve seem a huge shift by many companies to a model that empowers workforces to mix in-office and remote work, offering flexibility and support to employees. This brings with it increased security considerations to ensure new vulnerabilities aren’t exposed and manipulated. How can IT get ahead of problems with secure connectivity and user experiences? The answer can be found in the convergence of networking and security, otherwise known as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

Cisco offer solutions aimed at protecting the hybrid workforce by deploying zero-trust methodologies whilst proving protected access from anything to anywhere. Cisco+ Secure Connect and Cisco Secure Access are two core SASE solutions, powered by the Meraki platform. These solutions are your customers blueprint for SASE made easy and deliver more than just piece of mind. Add to this security focussed offerings from TD SYNNEX such as the Cisco Security Club and you’ve got everything you need.


The Cisco Security CLUB is a recently launched, invitation only programme which we’re opening up to all Advance partners who strategically engage with TD SYNNEX on Cisco, designed to accelerate your business and drive Cisco security sales growth across Europe.

It’s time to rethink SASE.

It’s time to think unified SASE.




Get more info on unified SASE

Dell: Discover how a new partner strategy will create opportunities for growth in the storage market


Dell Technologies introduce their Partner First Strategy for Storage, an enhanced go-to-market strategy that will increase Dell Storage opportunities for partners. It unites Dell’s strength of combining partner expertise and reach with their world-class storage portfolio and team to deliver incredible outcomes.

Dell has always focused on selling storage through partners however with this initiative they’re honing in on that. The Partner First Strategy applies to more than 99% of Dell’s customers and potential customers globally.

With immediate effect Dell are:

  • Encouraging greater partner teaming by compensating Dell Sellers more when transacting storage through a partner.
  • Driving more predictability of engagement by increasing the number of storage Partner of Record accounts by 4x. Partner of Record status recognizes and rewards your investments in customer acquisition. When you hold storage Partner of Record status, it prompts Dell Technologies core sales teams to work with you on any storage deal they uncover in this account.

Maximise on this opportunity by:

  • Visiting the Dell Technologies partner portal to familiarize yourself with Dell’s Partner First Strategy for Storage.
  • Work closely with us and Dell team on customer priorities, including account planning.
  • Uncovering new deals and expand your footprint with existing customers to earn Partner of Record in eligible accounts.
  • Showcasing your organization’s capabilities in the Find a Partner tool. This tool will be used by customers and Dell sellers to find partners that meet customer requirements

Dell is the #1 provider of enterprise storage1 with trusted, efficient solutions. With their Partner First Strategy for Storage, there’s a collective opportunity to scale our businesses together and drive incredible outcomes through even deeper collaboration.

1 IDC WW Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, 2023

Microsoft: How to stay ahead in an ever changing digital world with guidance from a market leader

What’s new from Microsoft CSP?


Microsoft is here to help you get AI ready while keeping it responsible and totally secure. They’re all about embracing the top cloud-native tech too. So, what’s in it for you? Manage rising costs and say hello to better security. Microsoft’s got your back showing they’re all about giving businesses like yours the know-how and tools to keep up with the ever-changing digital world.


Watch our video to find out about Bing Chat Enterprise, Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, M365 Backup & M365 Archive, Azure OpenAI Service and so many more!




Find out more information on effectively upselling Microsoft programs that incorporate AI capabilities, learn about strategies to match incentives with solution areas and stay up to date with emerging trends that are influencing the market. This also involves identifying partner opportunities while including flexible work.

We are now ready with our PowerUP Program for FY24 H1.

PowerUP is a comprehensive training program designed to help Microsoft partners fully adopt and excel with the Power Platform.
The programme is designed for all Microsoft partners, whether they are a Modern Work Partner, an Azure Partner, D365 Partner or already into Power Platform.
All sessions will be in English with the option to select local subtitling.

This programme is not only for existing TD SYNNEX partners. We would like to attract a lot of new potential partners as well.

Last day for registration to the programme is: October 3rd 2023. The programme begins on October 4th 2023.


VMware: Are you looking to grow your business? Learn how partners are achieving success with data-driven insights

In the dynamic landscape of technology, where success hinges on innovation and adaptation, TD SYNNEX stands as your dedicated ally. Our strategies seamlessly align with your unique VMware journey. Whether you’re pursuing vSphere+ adoption, Cloud Management, App Development, End User Compute, Security, or Services, TD SYNNEX is poised to propel you forward. Our holistic approach encompasses data-driven insights, precise campaigns, unwavering support, and strategic development, all aimed at ensuring your triumph with efficiency and precision.

Igniting Growth Potential with Data

Are you looking to expand sales into your existing base or acquire new customers?

Data serves as the guiding light towards evolution and expansion in the digital age. Our adept teams partner with you to analyse customer data, revealing invaluable insights for strategic decision-making. Going further, our IQBlade platform, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, dissects data from 30 million companies across the UK. It pinpoints accurate end-user campaign targets, fuelled by real-time intelligence encompassing news updates, social trends, and financial data. This equips TD SYNNEX and our Partners with unparalleled marketing prowess.

Waves of computer code. Binary code big data. Information field, binary code, data encoding, data flow, digital security. Internet technology 3d illustration

Amplifying Impact through Strategic Campaigns

TD SYNNEX elevates your influence through strategic campaigns. We empower you with essential resources for successful VMware campaigns, including CSP and vSphere+ sizing documents. . Additionally, we help you become trusted advisors by providing assessments and an End Users options guide for VMware purchases. All resources can be tailored to your brand identity. Leveraging VMware development funds, we craft bespoke campaigns aligned with your organization’s essence. From webinars to landing pages to in person events or anything you can imagine to support you in accelerating your growth with VMware. Our TD Marketing agency transforms customer insights into potent strategies, guided by our understanding of consumer behaviour.

Support: Your Success, Our Mission

Unveiling VMware’s potential demands expert support. TD SYNNEX delivers precisely that. Our dedicated product experts span VMware’s full portfolio, including Software Defined Data Center, End User Compute, and security, etc. Business Development Managers (BDMs) drive sales enablement, optimize opportunity management, and maximize Partner Connect benefits. This robust support network empowers you to navigate challenges and seize emerging opportunities. Our exceptional pre-sales capabilities are also at your service.

Empowering Tomorrow through Development

Our commitment to your growth extends beyond the present. The TD SYNNEX software store grants early access to VMware renewal quotes, streamlining operations. Embrace digital transformation via the TD SYNNEX Practice Builder, assessing your readiness for next-gen technologies. As part of the VMware Accelerate program, we provide resources to enhance your competency, communicate the value of VMware solutions, and foster business expansion. This program spans three stages – Discover, Develop, and Specialize – tailored to your journey.

Your accomplishments drive our success. TD SYNNEX is dedicated to propelling you towards your goals, harnessing the power of data, strategic campaigns, unwavering support, and transformative development for enduring growth within the VMware ecosystem. Let’s stride forward together into a future defined by innovation, excellence, and enduring partnerships.

For expert insights, connect with our VMware specialists at VMwareChoice@TDSYNNEX.COM.