Configuration and Imaging

Our highly training team of certified technicians can configure all software and hardware, so whether you need some additional processing power, programme installation or a complete server custom built, we have the knowledge and capability to deliver precisely what you need.

Own Label Delivery

Based on the SAP logic we have in place, we’re able to ship products with a shipping label and delivery note that feature your logo and address information. This white labelling service gives you a more professional look and your end user need not know that the products were shipping by TD SYNNEX on your behalf.

Supply Chain Management

TD SYNNEX’s supply chain management include flexible options with interchangeable models with services including; warehousing, delivery, stock ownership, product management, order handling, invoicing and collection, credit, sales, commercial and key account management.

Virtual Warehousing

TD SYNNEX’s virtual warehousing services allow us to source and hold inventory volumes for specific partners, systematically “ring fencing” stock for them, ensuring maximum availability. This service removes the requirement to have partner specific SKUs, enables great visibility for procurement, with immediate availability for call off.

White box (White Label Delivery)

White box refers to PCs and servers that have been assembled from readily available hardware components, with or without branding. The specifications of a “white box” are not typically targeted for a specific application but are suitable for one of more genres of applications.