What are value added services?

To support our commitment to innovative IT solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of value-added services designed to enhance and streamline your customer’s business operations.

From tailored configuration solutions to flexible warehousing and logistics, warranty and repair and sustainability consulting, you can rely on us to supplement your customers current capabilities.

Here’s a quick overview of our main value added services

Bill and hold

Our flexible bill and hold solution allows you to use our warehousing and fulfilment services, reducing your stock holding and the time and cost involved in delivering goods yourself.

It can also help to reduce your carbon footprint and minimise the risk of relying on just in time deliveries.

Configuration and imaging

Our comprehensive configuration and convergence services allow you and your customers to offload some of the work of building, testing and delivering solutions.

We can help address capacity limitations, technical challenges, logistics costs and more, all delivered by our qualified technicians and backed up by our internal management and quality control teams.

Own label delivery

Using our own label delivery service, we can enhance your branding by customising shipping labels and addresses with your logo.

This service, integrated with SAP, adds a professional touch to drop shipments, while we continue to take care of dispatching orders on your behalf.

Warranty and repair

MendIT is our comprehensive warranty and insurance service, providing coverage for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

This expert-level offering covers equipment and devices from any brand, purchased from any distributor or reseller, and includes flexible options like repair and replacement, extended warranties and accidental damage.

Net zero carbon consulting

Our carbon consulting service is tailored to each business and aims to evaluate readiness in achieving net zero.

It operates on a four-tier service level:

  • Bronze provides a screening and readiness review.
  • Silver includes an enhanced assessment and mapping of the carbon impact of your entire value chain.
  • Gold and Gold+ provide a complete service with net zero roadmap and ongoing support.