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vRealize Cloud Universal from VMware supports your customers’ business transition to cloud with a consistent hybrid and multi-cloud management experience. They get the flexibility to deploy as SaaS or on-premises, and the freedom to move between the two as needed. In addition, multiple licensing and delivery models enable your customers to move at their own pace, helping organisations to become more agile, scalable and efficient.

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Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence are no longer an option – they’re a mandate

When we think of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s easy to picture something like Sonny from I, Robot or Ava from Ex Machina. In reality, artificial intelligence is comprised of many algorithms and complexities, all designed to augment and enhance our life by mimicking human behaviour – only on a much bigger and better scale. It is the algorithms that power everything from Alexa and Netflix recommendations, to proactive healthcare, self-driving cars and disease mapping, and it is arguably the biggest topic in the technology world today.

Machine learning is a branch of AI that is rapidly gaining popularity: it teaches machines to learn and think in the way that we do. It learns by exploring massive amounts of data to identify patterns, and the more it learns, the more efficient and accurate it becomes. Data is everywhere, and there is a lot of it (the prediction for 2021 was 74 zettabytes of the stuff! To make sense of this in our limited human brains, one zettabyte is equal to and immense 1 trillion GB). Regardless of whether you’re an industry titan or a start-up, you will be creating data and it’s imperative that you know how to make sense of it.

VMware have taken the AI concept of self-driving and applied it to the HCI data centre through vRealize AI Cloud. This solution provides continuous optimisation using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It collects vSAN data through the AL Cloud vSAN Optimiser and learns from it to make decisions that automatically self-tune your infrastructure for greater performance and efficiency. These configuration tweaks are far more effective than manual configuration changes, as they collect and monitor as frequently as every five minutes.

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