What is the CapametriX Lead Qualification Tool?

The CapametriX Lead Qualification Tool is an assessment tool that can provide self-qualified leads themed around multiple VMware solutions. The themes include VMware’s GPS strategy and velocity plays, vSphere+, VMware cybersecurity and more…

How can the assessment tool help?

The assessment tool can help to assist conversations with your customers and enable you to build meaningful pipeline.

The tool can generate an executive report that identifies potential gaps and challenges related to any selected VMware solution themes and furthermore, provides recommendations to solve the identified issues.

Assist customer conversation

Build meaningful pipeline

Generate executive reports

Provide recommendations

CapametriX Lead Qualification Tool Flow

What's in it for a Partner?

As a powerful, vendor approved qualification tool, the CapametriX Lead Qualification Tool can help you instantly become a trusted consultant to your customers, and an expert that can drive outcomes leading to stronger scales of enablement. You can create more insight-based opportunities which can create “customer identified” pipeline leading to highly qualified and quicker closing.

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