The 40% Guaranteed Margin Programme

The 40% Guaranteed Margin Programme* is an elective partner incentive programme by Blackberry for TD SYNNEX partners. This exclusive programme is designed to reward solution providers for successfully closing net-new BlackBerry logos. It aims to provide BlackBerry partners with market-leading profitability by promoting the sale of specific Unified Endpoint Security (UES), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and Managed Extended Detection and Response (mXDR) solutions to new BlackBerry end customers.

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*Terms and conditions apply. For details please refer to BlackBerry Guaranteed Margin Partner Program Terms and Conditions (

Reasons for participating in the programme:

Earn market-leading margins on net-new BlackBerry customer deals

Greater partner profitability and predictable revenue stream

Beneficial for your field team AND company’s monetary success

Leverage BlackBerry demand generation and sales support to close pipeline

Who is Blackberry and what cybersecurity does it offer?

BlackBerry offers professional security services, driven by Cylance AI, to help you protect your customers’ organisation with expert cybersecurity guidance. Partnering with Blackberry and TD SYNNEX enables you to secure your customers’ people, information and network from whatever cybersecurity challenges they face—whether their environment is on-premise, cloud-based, or part of the Internet of Things.

The opportunity in Operational Technology (OT) market

In response to these challenges, BlackBerry introduces CylanceENDPOINT™, an AI-powered and lightweight solution specifically designed to address the unique cybersecurity risks faced by manufacturers.

This innovative agent provides robust protection for crucial business operations without requiring online access or disruptive updates. Whether manufacturing systems are air-gapped, connected, or a mix of both, BlackBerry’s Cylance endpoint solutions offer simplified security, proven protection and unhindered growth. By implementing BlackBerry’s self-defending manufacturing floor, endpoints can remain secure without relying on signatures, heuristics, or even internet connections.

71%* of organisations are reporting cybersecurity incidents

75%* of IT decision makers believes that their sector is actively targeted

86%* of manufacturers rely on outdated and unsupported legacy operating systems


Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Services

BlackBerry UEM offers comprehensive control and visibility to address IT requirements for securing endpoints, whilst also providing flexibility to support various productivity and business use cases in accordance with established policies.

Freemium period of subscription up to a maximum of 12 months is available*.

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*Terms & conditions apply

Key features for your customers:

Enhanced Endpoint Security

Flexibility for Productivity

Streamlined IT Operations

Reduced Complexity

Enhanced Efficiency

Trusted End-to-End Security Model

Deployment Flexibility

Tools to help you to sell and win business...

Legacy AV solutions are no longer enough to protect against today’s cyberthreats. As users become more aware of this, it is the perfect time to start conversations with organisations about how to improve their cybersecurity posture.

BlackBerry offers a more proactive approach that focuses on prevention first. It’s CylancePROTECT® endpoint protection solution uses AI and machine learning to prevent the execution of malware on Microsoft® Windows®, macOS® and Linux® systems. All protection is applied at the endpoint automatically, without any reliance on cloud lookups or a network connection.

Every organisation’s situation is different: some may be ready to replace their legacy AV product, while others may want to keep using their existing solution until their licenses expire. BlackBerry can help in both areas.

BlackBerry is offering a Replace Legacy AV Programme* up to 70% off MSRP to help you to grow your business*.

Contact our business development team for more information.

*Terms and conditions apply to this Replace Legacy AV Programme

Managed Extended Detection and Response (mXDR)

BlackBerry’s mXDR service (CylanceGUARD) is a solution that combines cutting-edge cybersecurity technology and human expertise to become a natural extension of any organisation’s security team. This approach is both effective and widely available to organisations of all sizes. Businesses that lack the budget required to staff a security operations centre (SOC) may find managed XDR services an attractive and affordable option.

Key features for your customers:

Low Carbon Footprint

Prevention First

Tighter Integration with AtHoc Solution (Critical Event Management Solution)

Best Serving Solution in Operational Technology (OT) Market

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