Nearly 100% of threats are human-activated

Today’s threat landscape is fundamentally characterised by social engineering. Attacks increasingly target people, not technology or infrastructure — and the move to cloud is intensifying that trend.

Attackers focus on people

Attackers today are adept at using tools like Google and LinkedIn to scour the internet as reconnaissance to launch campaigns against organisations, using more sophisticated attack tactics and targeting at scale.

Most IT and cybersecurity professionals still operate with the network or IP address at the center of the world. However, the digital transformation to remote workforces adds more complexity, since users bypass corporate networks to access company data — and traditional security approaches do not provide the same level of protection. Thus, attackers do not view the world in terms of a network diagram. Additionally, the adoption of cloud apps and platforms, like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite, challenges the network-based defensive approach. Cloud apps have valuable corporate information that traverses the internet without passing through firewalls and other network controls. This makes it difficult to gain visibility into all types of threats that affect people and to prioritise alerts and incidents based on relative risk to the organisation.

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Proofpoint can help your customers gain visibility, derive insights and apply adaptive controls based on their greatest cybersecurity risk: their people. Not just the people, but the data they have access to and the behaviors that indicate they have fallen or will fall for a modern, social-engineered attack

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