Market opportunities in Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

In the dynamic landscape of today’s business world, the winds of change have swept through organisations, reshaping the way we operate. With an increasingly decentralised workforce, novel business approaches, and a rapid migration to cloud-based operations, work has truly evolved. However, this evolution has brought about new compliance challenges, particularly for teams relying on outdated security tools and methodologies.

While many enterprises have turned to conventional DLP technologies to ensure adherence to regulations, these solutions come at a high cost. Not only are they a drain on resources, but they also prove to be unwieldy and obstructive. The frustration doesn’t end there – these tools often fall short of their already modest promises.

Quick facts for traditional DLP

Key stats for DLP. $1.64 billion total spend in 2021


of decision makers said they need a better way to protect their sensitive data


Average annual cost for insider threats reaches, according to the Ponemon Institute

Proofpoint Sigma, a modern DLP solution with people-centric approach

At the heart of Proofpoint Insider Threat Management (ITM) lies the foundational principle of people-centric security, which serves as the driving force behind ITM’s unique capabilities. This fundamental concept provides organisations with a holistic strategy for safeguarding

  • data
  • infrastructure
  • brand reputation

By seamlessly aligning with this core principle, Proofpoint ITM emerges as a specialised platform meticulously engineered to address insider threat management. This empowerment extends to security teams, enabling them to proactively mitigate user risks, preempt internal security breaches, and swiftly respond to potential incidents. With the added synergy of Endpoint DLP, utilising a discreet and lightweight agent while boasting an extensive array of over 40 user and data activity capture functions, this collaborative synergy establishes the very foundation of Enterprise DLP. The integration of these components sets the stage for a comprehensive shield of data protection across the organisational landscape.

Broad platform coverage

Visibility into data exfiltration across multiple platform


Ready-made integration and APIs with common platform

Scalable and flexible

Complementary solutions across the broader Proofpoint people-centric security portfolio

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