Who are RSA and why is the RSA Unified Identity Platform important in cybersecurity?

RSA, the security-first identity leader, provides trusted identity and access management for 12,000 organisations around the world, managing 25 million enterprise identities and providing secure, convenient access to millions of users. RSA empowers organisations to thrive in a digital world, with complete capabilities for modern authentication, lifecycle management, and identity governance. Whether in the cloud or on-premises, RSA connects people with the digital resources they depend on everywhere they live, work and play.

Why is identity security so important to your customer’s organisation?

say security is primary factor when choosing an Identity and Access Management (IAM) provider

of breaches involved stolen credentials, phishing and other human-related vulnerabilities

of CISO and tech leaders value cost-effectiveness over cost alone

With RSA Unified Identity Platform, your customer’s organisation can realise significant benefits from:

✓ Reduced risk of human error in managing entitlements
✓ Improved operational efficiencies for credential management
✓ Lower costs with automation

You can help your customer to realise those benefits by ensuring that their identity platform can support their environment today and scale over time to support future cloud investments.

The RSA Unified Identity Platform pays down the Identity Debt

In rapidly adapting to new technical requirements – including supporting hybrid work, creating digital experiences and modernising IT stacks – many organisations have needed to invest in point identity solutions that address only one component of a far more complex and integrated identity plane. Over time, those point solutions have contributed to Identity Debt: a mixture of complexity, costly contracts and greater risk from threat actors attacking users’ credentials.

The most effective and fastest way to address Identity Debt is to remove complexity, simplify the user experience, reduce costs and mitigate IT risks and threats with a unified identity platform. The RSA Unified Identity Platform is a singular approach to consolidating organisations’ authentication, access and lifecycle and governance needs. It incorporates Automated Identity Intelligence that provides deeper insights and context of user and device risk, which can help to automate critical identity processes.

With the RSA Unified Identity Platform, your customers will be able to:

1 - Provide secure authentication and access to applications and data

2 - Detect and respond to identity-focused risks and threats

3 - Enable end-to-end auditability and lifecycle management

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