What is Momentum Fundamentals?

Momentum Fundamentals is the support programme from TD SYNNEX, helping new Cisco partners and team members to get started on their journey or strengthen their business.

What are the business benefits?

This support programme helps you to understand the Cisco basics, how to build on them and how they will benefit your customers. Completely flexible around your day-to-day requirements, Fundamentals training sessions are delivered via WebEx in one-to-one sessions. You get the personal support you need, whenever you need it.

Our Momentum Business Advisor team will provide you with expert assistance on all Cisco programmes. We offer you an unmatched portfolio of specialist training, certifications and support to get you up and running. It won’t be long until you see the benefits of recurring service revenue streams and new markets.

How do I get the most from Cisco Fundamentals?

By working with Cisco and TD SYNNEX, you can experience a journey that will transform your business. With our programmes, incentives and tools, you can increase your profitability and satisfy your customers with the best pricing. Take a look at the Fundamentals journey below and what you can achieve.


Once you’re registered with Cisco and accepted as a partner, we’ll schedule your onboarding. You’ll receive support from the experts, right from the start. We’ll show you the portals, programmes, and incentives that are available to you, how to use them, and how you can grow your business.

We’ll give you access to important tools, such as our InTouch platform, a product selector, and the content you need to execute successful campaigns. We’ll help you to grow your business and give your customers the latest Cisco information they need. We’ll hold your hand, every step of the way.

Introduction to TD SYNNEX and TD SYNNEX resources

Working in partnership with Cisco, we make the best resources available to you, including the InTouch Online catalogue. We believe in the importance of delivering seamless customer experience. Not just to you, but your customers too. We make it easy to reach out to the Cisco sales team, so they can help you to answer customer queries.

As a Cisco partner, you can also unlock some exclusive rebates. At TD SYNNEX, we offer a Public Sector Partner Pricing Programme. Sell the latest products and solutions to your customers at prices that will create greater revenues throughout your business. By using these resources, you could be able to grow your business quickly.

Navigating on Cisco.com

We keep all of our tools in one place, but it’s always helpful to know where you can find them. By helping you to navigate Cisco’s website, we give you the ability to enhance your marketing strategy and develop new opportunities. We give you better leverage of social media and we help you to create virtual campaigns that can be linked to your platforms.

Cisco Commerce Workspace

Being competitive with Cisco requires the use of a dedicated commerce workspace. By doing so, you can grow your sales, improve your margins, and grow your business. We’ll show you the basics of using the portal, register your existing opportunities, test scenario deals for you and help you to gain additional margin through Cisco incentives.

Cisco 101

Our educational programmes will help you to grow your Cisco business to its full potential. We offer support over a number of areas. We explain the annual requirements to renew your partnership agreements, deliver profitability sessions, and help you to develop recurring revenues through service contracts.

Your business’s development is important to us. That’s why we put you in touch with a Meraki partner development representative who can help you to achieve growth in new areas. We see things through end-to-end with you, offering easy lease enrollment and other financing options so you can close more profitable deals.