Momentum Install Base (MIB) is a module with TD SYNNEX’s Momentum Programme that provides you with a full picture of
Cisco sales data in the channel, distilled into a single report.

As a result, you’ll gain much greater insight into current trends, demands, gaps, and opportunities across the Cisco portfolio,
enabling you to plan and expand your practice according to hard data.

Contract consolidation

Assure your customers they will work with only one partner

Co-termination of contract end dates

Provide customers with one contract and one end date for their entire install base

Accurate datasets

Ensure customer install bases and renewal dates are accurate and predictable.

Migration preparation

Uncover last date of support (LDoS) on your customers’ products, enabling better readiness for refresh and upgrade opportunities

Full adoption

Help your customers realise the full capabilities of their install base and make the most of their investment

Highly informative, fully confidential

Momentum Install Base is delivered as a report to you, broken down into clear categories to help easily identify the gaps and demand potential within your Cisco install base. The report is based solely on Cisco sales data, meaning there is no network collection of customer or partner data, removing any concern over business sensitive information. Partners will also not be able to identify one another’s specific details.

What your MIB report will show:

Data is only as useful as your visibility of it. With MIB, you see the whole picture.

  • Key take-aways from customers’ install bases
  • Immediate actions to take on customer estates
  • Renewals and non—supported hardware
  • Yearly LDoS hardware, outlining migration paths