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Now more than ever Cisco believe what’s good for the world is good for business and are committed to minimising their environmental impact.

Cisco Refresh is a trusted alternative and fully sustainable option of buying new equipment. Products and equipment sold and remanufactured are backed by the same warranty, service support and options just like brand new equipment.

What are the business benefits?

Sustainable Option

Minimise carbon footprint by reducing the dependence on raw materials and diverting waste from landfills.

Cost effective

Offer competitive pricing with prices starting at 65% off original equipment prices, allowing you to acquire more equipment or provide a cost effective solution for your customers so you can focus on their business goals.

Expand your audience

Cisco Refresh offers great options for your customers and prospects helping you to sell to a wider audience. Whether your customers need to purchase at a lower cost or are looking to be sustainable, Cisco Refresh provides the solution

Join the Circular Economy with Cisco Refresh

Download the Infographic to find out the benefits of Cisco Refresh and how the process works.