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Aruba Instant On Showcase

Date 31st July 2-3pm

Harriet Collins, our HPE Aruba Business Development Manager, bumps into some influential Aruba Instant On co-workers whilst taking a walk through the city of the future. Find out past, present and future developments of Aruba with Amol, VP & GM – Worldwide Aruba SMB.
Director of Aruba SMB Sales – EMEA, will be providing insight into the opportunities and real life use cases.
Finally, Hemayun, EMEA Business Development Manager SMB – advising how you can be involved in Aruba’s ACTION Partner Club to maximise your margins, receive promotions and incentives.



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Good beer and better advice – Teach your partners about the Power of Partnership with a beer from Nutanix and TD SYNNEX

Fancy hosting a fully funded lead generation event for your customers? Brewtanix, fully funded from Nutanix is the perfect mix of educating and relationship building with your partners, get in touch with us today to learn how you can host your own!

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Fancy a 4 day trip to Rome with TD SYNNEX?

Are you ready to for the most exciting incentive of the year so far?
TD SYNNEX and HPE invite you to join us on the Road to the Ryder Cup. HPE and Aruba systems are helping to power the Ryder Cup and we want to show you the results.
Earn points for your sales to progress along the road. When you earn enough points, you secure your space, simple as that. There are 12 spots available so you’ll have to hit your best shot if you want to come in below par! ALL POINTS ARE BACKDATED TO FEBRUARY! So don’t be disheartened, there’s still time!

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With HPE Accelerate AI Starter Kits you can offer your customers complete, validated solutions for a wide range of budget and application scenarios.

You have a choice of AI starter kits depending on your customer’s circumstances
You can offer your customer the HPE AI Entry Starter Kit if they’re new to AI Or, if they’re already using AI and need to scale up or optimise an AI or machine learning (ML) project, offer them the HPE AI Training Starter Kit and an ML Ops bundle.

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Uplift your HPE Teams with ATP Training and learn to win big this year

The next round of ATP training is in the pipeline. Are you ready to level up your HPE partnership?

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