Do you want to have the agility and economy of the cloud, yet with the control and governance of on-premises IT?

Avoid storage surprises and unlock optimisation, no matter where work happens?

Then we have the solution….

HPE and AMD are enabling digital transformation with simple, scalable and intelligent HCI solutions. The world’s highest-performing x86 processor provider, AMD, enables HPE to deliver industry-leading solutions to solve real business problems for SMBs, enterprise and exascale.

The HPE solutions, built on AMD processors, combine x86 resources, storage and networking in a single hyperconverged system with advanced functionality. They deliver trusted HCI solutions built on a broad ecosystem to enable resilient, secure data centres.

Why choose HPE & AMD?

  • Trusted leaders in technology - providing the performance needed for any size of workload
  • Integrated layers of security - helping reduce downtime with silicon root of trust from HPE and AMD Infinity Guard
  • Flexibility to maximise efficiency - deploy faster with workloads approach based on HPE experience
  • AMD processor-based HPE solutions just work - accelerating time to value with validated and tested HCI building blocks

Higher performance

Accelerate virtualised applications with more processing power.

Better economics and faster time to value

Single AMD EPYC processors allow a 50% reduction in socket-based hypervisor licensing costs compared to two sockets, and support more VMs per server.

Advanced security across the system lifecycle

HPE silicon root of trust creates a digital fingerprint in the silicon and ensures the server does not boot with compromised firmware. AMD Infinity Guard advanced security features help defend against internal and external threats and keep your data safe.

Virtualisation with HPE and AMD offers reliable solutions, delivering efficiency and economy

HPE and AMD enable digital transformation by helping secure data and providing more performance within the space and budget of a single server. Servers can be used to their full capacity and make the most of limited IT infrastructure.

At a glance…

Purpose-built compute

As customers modernise to a virtualised business, they can build their solutions with the highest-performing server CPUs available, deployed on a broad portfolio of HPE platforms.

2P performance at 1P economics

High core counts enable more VDI instances per server, which allows for consolidation of workloads and software licenses onto fewer servers to cut CAPEX costs.

Advanced security

HPE silicon root of trust guards the integrity of the server’s firmware, whilst AMD security measures encrypt data sent to on chip memory and each virtual machine. Authentication of both HPE and AMD hardware at startup ensures the integrity of the system.

Want to learn more about HPE & AMD?

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