Nutanix leads the market in cloud software and is a pioneer in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions. By providing an always on platform, certified to run demanding enterprise applications, it makes clouds invisible, allowing customers to focus on their business outcomes.

Why TD SYNNEX and Nutanix?
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Launching the Power of DX solutions: Transforming digital experience for Success Podcast

Episode 1:  Join Host Deena LIVE from our TD SYNNEX spaceship we discuss the benefits of why Nutanix for Data Modernization and what are the benefits we are seeing from the market




Hear what our partners think

Find out what DX can do for your customers

Join Host Deena LIVE from our TD SYNNEX spaceship as we speak to Rob Jones Head of Technology at Advatek as we speak about the proof of concept of DX.

Nutanix and HPE

Nutanix software integrated with HPE ProLiant DX systems uses the industry’s most secure servers with HPE Silicon Root of Trust firmware protection. The partnership delivers robust integrated solutions with performance, control, and security needed to help customers on their journey to the cloud.

Nutanix DX on GreenLake

HPE GreenLake with Nutanix is a true collaboration that focuses on outcome-based consumption making expenditures better matched with usage.

The Nutanix offering “as-a-service” on HPE GreenLake is targeted at three workloads:

  • End User Computing
  • Databases
  • Private Cloud

Nutanix, HPE, and TD SYNNEX

TD SYNNEX is the final piece that takes this powerful partnership out of this world, bringing more value to your organisation and helping your business sell more to reach your goals.
From onboarding, through practice development to ongoing success, the Power of Partnership between TD SYNNEX, Nutanix, and HPE will fully support your business and ambitions.

To learn more about The Power of Partnership and board this journey, please contact us.