Harnessing the power of the edge with Aruba ESP and TD SYNNEX

With Aruba ESP, the industry’s first AI-powered and predictive platform, businesses can move their data closer to the edge than ever before.

It’s an innovative, go-to-market solution that combines automation, unification and security with financial flexibility to procure better business outcomes for partners and clients. Plus, with TD SYNNEX you can access the latest expert training and services, as well as a range of flexible finance options.

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HPE Aruba Networking User Experience Insight (UXI) Sensors

Test and monitor end-user experience on wired, Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 6E and previous generations), and WAN networks with easy-to-deploy physical sensors.


Aruba’s infrastructure allows businesses to manage all areas of their infrastructure in one easy to use platform – Aruba Central.It’s a cloud-native, single pane of glass solution, which connects and manages IT operations seamlessly, increasing productivity and improving efficiency across the Edge.

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Aruba ESP embodies  Zero Trust Security through ongoing visibility, robust authentication, granular policies and other capabilities to safeguard networks starting at the Edge.

By taking a Zero Trust stance anchored by Aruba’s solutions, organisations can protect their critical systems and data.

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Analyse & Act

Aruba ESP’s ‘AIOps’ – or artificial intelligence for IT operations – combines big data and machine learning to simplify operations across your customers’ businesses.

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Delve into a compelling customer use case, unveiling the strategic partnership between ONNEC and Aruba Networking. Learn why Aruba’s innovative and adaptable solutions empower businesses to thrive amid rapid technological change.

Discover how TD SYNNEX guides partners in choosing tailored Aruba Networking solutions to revolutionize their IT network.

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ROC Technologies

Deep dive into a compelling customer use case on how leading managed service provider ROC Technologies partners with TD SYNNEX to deliver cutting-edge solutions from the Aruba Networking Portfolio.

Discover how they leverage Aruba’s innovative 360 architecture to provide customized connectivity and security across sectors. Learn how Aruba’s cutting-edge technologies help ROC exceed customer requirements and implement robust security to keep pace with digital transformation.

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An exclusive session unveiling TD SYNNEX’s revolutionary managed service offering, developed in partnership with networking pioneers Xerox and Aruba Networking.

Discover how they provide cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions to help healthcare customers meet and surpass objectives in transitioning to electronic patient record systems. Explore real-world successes driven by TD SYNNEX, Xerox and Aruba partnerships focused on innovation in health IT services and infrastructure.

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