Analytics & AI

Watson Studio – Automated data preparation meets enhanced visual modelling in Watson Studio, IBM’s leading data science and machine learning platform.
Watson Machine Learning – Build, train, and deploy machine learning models with Watson Machine Learning. Enhanced AI empowers data like no other.
Watson OpenScale – Tracking AI performance and impact in a single console, Watson OpenScale allows for continual fine tuning of AI outcomes.
SPSS – A suite of products made to simplify statistical gathering and analysis, along with easy-to-use modelling tools to test any hypothesis.
Cognos Analytics – Cloud-based business intelligence and analytics that makes visualisation, analysis and sharing simple. Uncover data insights fast.

Hybrid Data Management

Hybrid Data Management Platform – View data from any source, of any type and workload. IBM’s Hybrid Data Management Platform keeps data visible, accessible, and insightful.
IBM Integrated Analytics System – Better enable data scientists with IBM Integrated Analytics System. It’s massive parallel processing helps realise real-time value with machine learning without explicit programming.
Cloud PAK for Data System – Plug and play data analysis is here thanks to IBM Cloud Pak for Data System. Exceptional simplicity of use, elastic scalability, and unprecedented agility.
Db2 – The Db2 family of hybrid data management products is designed to manage both structured and unstructured data both on premises, and in private and public cloud environments.

Unified Governance and Integration

IBM InfoSphere Information Server for Data Integration – Extracts and transforms data in any style and loads it to any system. Data can also be delivered via bulk, virtual, and incremental options.
Watson Knowledge Catalogue – Powers intelligent, self-service discovery of data and models, enabling their use for AI, machine learning and deep learning, wherever they reside.
IBM InfoSphere Optim Archive – Reduce hardware, storage, and maintenance costs through scalable data archiving and retiring. Doing so minimises the associated risks of unnecessary data retention.
Stored IQ – The Stored IQ Suite brings order and automation to data discovery, records management, compliance activities, storage optimisation and data migration initiatives.


IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

A managed container service for the rapid delivery of applications. Cloud Kubernetes Service also allows for designing personal clusters.

IBM Cloud Internet Services

A set of edge network services to protect internet-facing applications from DDoS attacks, data theft and bot attacks.

IBM Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is a full-featured, automated, agent-based backup and recovery system that backs up data between IBM Cloud servers in one or more data centres

IBM Cloudant

Provides significantly faster deployment across the cloud thanks to a fully-managed, distributed JSON document database. Get data where it needs to be, fast.

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Migrate and modernise VMware workloads more easily, and without refactoring with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.


Enterprise Servers

The flexibility of the IBM Power System high-end enterprise servers can help you build a large cloud infrastructure with proven reliability, tighter security, rapid scalability, and simplified maintenance and management. With up to 192 POWER9 cores, up to 64 TB memory and the fastest POWER9 processors in the Power Systems portfolio, the Enterprise servers deliver extraordinary performance and availability for data centres with demanding AIX, IBM i and Linux applications.

Accelerated Compute Servers

IBM Power System Accelerated Compute Server (AC922) delivers unprecedented performance for modern HPC, analytics and AI. Enterprises can now deploy data-intensive workloads, such as deep-learning frameworks and accelerated databases, with confidence. AC922 enables the cutting-edge AI innovation data scientists desire, with the dependability IT requires. This is IT infrastructure redesigned for enterprise AI.

Scale-out Servers

Designed for AIX, IBM i and Linux environments, these Power Systems servers easily scale out and integrate into your organisation’s cloud and AI strategy, while delivering the performance and RAS needed for your mission-critical workloads. IBM’s scalable servers provide the flexibility to support operations as they grow, without the need for continual upgrades.

IBM Flash Storage

IBM’s all-flash storage options provide readily available data at ultra-low latency, and mission-critical reliability.

Software-defined storage (SDS)

Providing the platform needed to help manage data growth and multicloud flexibility, software-defined storage from IBM underpins reliability and availability in core applications.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IBM Watson IoT Platform

Creating intimate collaboration between analytics, AI and IoT devices, the IBM Watson IoT Platform supercharges IoT capabilities. Unifying IoT operations, the platform helps streamline processes, reduce risk, and lower costs.

IBM Maximo

Asset management is made simple with IBM Maximo. Allowing users to keep up to speed with the data produced across their digital estate, it maintains all asset types while streamlining global operations.



IBM QRadar gives comprehensive visibility to enterprise data through a single pane, enabling centralised security control. Coupled with AI and automated analysis and threat detection, the solution means security becomes proactive, uniform, and fast.

IBM i2

Allows for the ingestion of structured and unstructured data from both internal and external sources, including OSINT and dark web data, making for a truly expansive data pool from which to glean powerful security insights and analysis.

IBM Security Guardium

Available through a family of related products, IBM Security Guardium puts real-time security controls in the users’ hands, coupled with automated compliance support ensuring business’s data storage and management doesn’t fall foul of not being regulatory compliant.

Security Key Lifecycle Manager

A centralised, transparent security key management system that simplifies and automates management of encrypted keys across a digital estate. Compatible with both IBM and non-IBM solutions, not only does it protect keys from theft, it ensures businesses meet industry regulations.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Making sure only the right users are granted access to IT systems, IAM solutions from IBM are invisible to users, only intervening when risks are detected. Allied to single sign-on from any device, digital estates are kept safe, without inconvenience or interruption to users.