Prevention is better than cure, and with IBM, security threats are stopped in their tracks through a combination of AI, orchestration, and collaboration. Data is too precious to leave its security to chance. IBM ensure your customers don’t have to take the risk.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

IBM’s AI assists cybersecurity beyond what humans could ever achieve. It consumes billions of data artefacts, both from structured and unstructured sources so as to continually improve and better understand security threats. By taking what it learns and applying it to threat analysis, analysts are able to respond to threats up to 60 times faster than human analysis [1], saving your customers time, cost, and the risk of attack.


Having a planned response to cyber-attacks can make the difference between successfully repelling them, or succumbing to them. With IBM’s Resilient Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) platform, customers gain the tools that ensure they have a repeatable, robust response to any threat. The result, ultimately, is enhanced security that frees up your customers’ security teams to be able to refine responses, rather than continually firefighting.


IBM recognise that in the face of global cybersecurity issues, no business can afford to be an island. Which is why the IBM Security Community was created as an online space for IBM partners, users, and professionals to share experiences, insights, and lessons learnt, through a range of resources and media. With IBM security, there’s strength in numbers.