The DCP certification training is free to TD SYNNEX Advanced Solutions partners

Topics covered throughout the day include:

  1. Lenovo DCG Strategy
  2. Intel® Next Generation Sever Platform
  3. Lenovo ThinkSystem Common Building Blocks and xClarity
  4. Lenovo ThinkSystem Server Portfolio
  5. Lenovo Storage Solutions
  6. Lenovo Data Center Networking
  7. Lenovo ThinkAgile
  8. Lenovo Services
  9. Lenovo‘s Alliances



The Lenovo Expert Achievers Program (LEAP) offers a wide range of financial benefits, training resources and support to grow your skills, sales and business.

LEAP is made up of three core strategies:

  1. Learn to boost your product knowledge and achieve a new level of expertise
  2. Earn LEAP points by selling products or completing training and redeem for cash
  3. And Profit from increased revenue, greater customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage.

LEAP is home to training and resources to help you get to grips and master the Lenovo Data Centre portfolio. Every time you successfully complete a LEAP training course and convert that learning into a sale, LEAP rewards you with points that can redeemed on a pre-paid Lenovo Mastercard or for a choice of gift cards from the LEAP catalogue.

LEAP offers you flexibility and control so you can choose to Learn and Earn whenever you want with 24 x 7 online access to all the training, tools and resources you need to make you a Lenovo Data Centre expert.

The more you learn and earn, the more you and your business profits.