The analysis of data drives decisions in every business. With Lenovo big data and analytics solutions, your customers can experience:

  • Outstanding scalability
  • Industry-leading transaction processing
  • High throughput capacity
  • Optimised systems and validated designs

Lenovo reference architecture solutions for big data analytics are easy to order and easy to implement; they include hardware, software and services along with a standardised blueprint. These cost effective solutions can be deployed quickly to analyse stored data at rest such as databases, but can also be used to analyse data in motion, such as streaming data.

Why choose Lenovo Reference Architecture?

Take advantage of years of knowledge and best-practice with Lenovo Reference Architectures. No two big data projects are alike, secure your customers investment by providing tried and tested technical blueprints that include a well-defined scope, a complete listing of requirements and architectural decisions that help make complex solutions simple.

Other reasons to choose Lenovo include:

  • Ease of integration – Deployment using a reference architecture helps ensure the new solution works with what your customers already have in place and are likely to add later, such as data warehouse, stream compute engines, internal and external storage devices and more
  • Flexibility and simplicity – A reference architecture helps strike a cost-effective balance between requirements of the solution and time-to-value, offering flexibility for your customer’s enterprise to adapt as their big data requirements evolve.