Create a commute worthy office: make hybrid work, Work

Some organisations have struggled with the transition to hybrid work, often through under-investment in technology that makes workspaces fit for remote collaboration.

These organisations would benefit from offering an experience that is hard to replicate at home by investing in office space, including in the right technology and infrastructure, and incorporating a range of choice in flexible and functional spaces.

At Maverick we want to help you become your customers most trusted partner, that can help innovate and transform their office experience to make the workplace better than ever before.



93% of today’s meeting rooms are equipped with only minimal technology to support information sharing.

Source: Frost & Sullivan report on virtual collaboration.



64% of workers would user video conferencing more if their huddle rooms were better equipped

Source: Frost & Sullivan’s Global VC Devices Market, Forecast 2025



By 2025, the number of video conferencing devices will be six times as high.

Source: Frost & Sullivan’s Global VC Devices Market, Forecast 2025

Join, Bring, Select

Join, bring, and select is a new way to look at meeting rooms.

Each considers how the user will engage with their platform. Is their business locked down to a specific VC application? Are they collaborating with lots of businesses on their selected collaboration network? Do they want an agnostic space to bring their own device?


Users join the organisations chosen platform. Different devices, same interface.


Users bring their chosen platform and simply connect to the room AV technology.


Users select from multiple platforms installed on the in room technology.

The perfect fit for every platform

Providing your customers with smart meeting solutions is providing the opportunity for communication, for collaboration, for inspiration.

Whatever your current smart meetings portfolio may hold, we have the solution to fit.

From the latest products by leading vendors, through to installation and support services, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your customers and their choice of platforms.

Explore our range of Smart Meeting solutions from leading providers.


Maverick’ extensive services portfolio delivers exceptional added value to any proposition; from site surveys to installation, integration and training. All have been designed to distinguish your offering in the marketplace.


Maverick’ range of smart meetings products can help you win more sales opportunities by offering your customers the widest choice in the channel, meaning they’re sure to find the perfect Smart Meeting solution for their needs.

Did you know?

80% of UK business decision makers expressed concern over getting employees back to the office in person in the coming year, yet only 31% of employees say their organisation has invested in technology to help improve collaboration in the office.

Maverick have created a number of resources that can equip you and your customers with the right tools and technology for Smart Meeting Rooms solutions, to make hybrid work, work.

Product Navigator

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Maverick features a huge range of professional display brands with sizes ranging from 10” to 98” with world class networkability and picture quality.


Pixel perfect LED displays from Maverick’ vendors provide exceptional high resolution for smart signage applications.


Video conferencing cameras for at home, in the office, and in the meeting room from the world’s leading vendors.

Media Players

A range of media players to drive all types of meeting environments, displays, and networks.


World class connectivity solutions from the world’s leading vendors with robust solutions for all types of installation. Remote connectivity and touch button technologies for no-cable meeting rooms.

Mounts & Brackets

All the accessories you need, including brackets and mounts for permanent and flexible installation. Mobile mounting options for interactive displays.


A range of high quality interactive displays for smart signage, kiosks, wayfinding, and audience participation applications.


Cutting edge smart meeting solutions bringing remote participants into team spaces and creating presentation and collaboration facilities.

Personal Devices

Connectivity devices to increase personal productivity, from headphones and sound solutions to state of the art desk devices for the modern workplace.


Cutting edge professional projection technology from the world’s leading brands. Big screen displays of the highest quality, with interactive and short throw technology to suit your application.

Room Booking

Sync room booking devices with Microsoft, Google, or bespoke meeting booking platforms. Displays for outside meeting rooms and technology for in-room displays. Book a meeting remotely or on the spot to suit your application.


Complete your Smart Meeting solution with Audio from leading vendors.