Creating Opportunity

Share ideas effectively and achieve great things with Epson’s interactive and collaborative projectors.

Modern workplaces have moved beyond simple telephony systems, and demand collaborative technologies that empower meetings rather than merely hosting them. Do your customers meeting rooms make the grade?

What should you look for in a projection solution?

Selecting the right projector relies on a few key considerations:

Size of room – Will it need to project to a couple of people, or a couple of hundred?
Distance from participants to screen – Will meeting participants be next to the projector, or at the back of an auditorium?
Intended use – Does the projector need to passively display presentations, or would the meeting benefit from a more active projector that interacts with users?
Whatever the size, whatever the use, Epson have the solution.

Scaling up

Achieving the optimal screen size for all participants in a meeting means providing them with a ‘desktop’ experience. That is, a comfortable eye experience where everything can be seen clearly and without straining.

According to the Snellen eye sight test, to make an image appear the same size when it is twice as far away, it needs to be twice as tall, or four times the size in area.

For example, in a 4 x 3 metre room:

  • A 60” projector display feels like a 14” monitor
  • A 80” projector display feels like a 20” monitor
  • A 100” projector display feels like a 25.2” monitor

Your customers wouldn’t be happy working at a desk with a screen size that’s too small, now they needn’t worry about projector screen sizes either, thanks to Epson projectors scaling up to 500” with no loss in quality.

Optimum Visibility

Epson projection solutions cover the three golden rules of optimal viewing with ease:

  1. No reflection – Ambient light detectors in Epson projectors adjust the display brightness automatically to prevent glare and ensure a consistent display.
  2. Unrestricted viewing – Epson projectors have none of the blind spots that plague flat panel displays. View content from any angle.
  3. Gentle on the eye – Collaborate for longer thanks to Epson projectors having significantly less pixilation that traditional flat panel screens. Coupled with automatic light adjustment, users won’t strain their eyes.

Interactively Collaborate

Key to collaboration in a modern workplace is interaction, and it’s here where Epson’s projection solutions come into their own:

  • High quality video conferencing
  • Precise annotation functionality
  • Project wirelessly from mobile devices
  • Save, share, and print directly from the display

Epson products are designed to integrate with your customers’ existing systems, and provide a smooth, dynamic meeting room designed for a modern workplace.

Why Maverick for Epson?

When it comes to providing your customers with a modern workplace from Epson, Maverick have all you need to create a great offering


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