We support our partners through the planning and migration of their workloads to Azure with a full assessment and viability study of their organisation.


We enable partners to engage in migration activities with the help of TD SYNNEX and Microsoft Specialists.


The Datacentre Modernisation Programme is executed by TD SYNNEX Consulting, Microsoft Consulting and TD SYNNEX’s Professional Services.

Who does the programme suit?

The Datacentre Modernisation Programme is a perfect fit for customers who are looking for a way to move from traditional to hosted cloud.

By shifting to modern managed services, hosts and service providers can extend their business to new markets and be more competitive.

Partners enrolled in the programme will be eligible to receive up to 10% additional incentives (on top of existing Azure CSP discounts and/or rebates).

Programme Requirements:

  • Ability to generate a t least $50,000 of new Azure CSP Revenue during the 12 months after signing the agreement.
  • Any partner with a significant amount of hosted infrastructure business.
  • Existing or potential CSP partners.
  • C-Level commitment to the programme and a team ready to execute

Do we need to have an existing CSP Partner status to join the programme?

No, partners can join CSP after being approved for the programme.

We don't have the required expertise for such migrations and we've never worked with Azure. Can you teach us?

Of course! Stay tuned for the invitation to partner training sessions.

What customer segment should we focus on?

This is a segment agnostic programme.

How are incentives calculated?

Sizes of the incentives are calculated using the 3%-3%-4% rule and absolute numbers are specified in the agreement that every partner needs to sign. CSP Credits are applied automatically after the calculation on the CSP backend.