We are here to help you build, optimise and grow your Microsoft CSP business. With support from TD SYNNEX, you’re able to offer your customers a whole host of in-demand cloud solutions that can help you create new revenue streams and firm up your customer retention.

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Building cloud solutions can be a time consuming and sometimes complex task that requires deep expertise and experience to get right. We can help you. TD SYNNEX’s Solutions Factory and team of development engineers can lift the burden on your partner business by automating a large portion of your solutions workloads. Our Click-to-Run Solutionsᵀᴹ are comprehensive pre-architected solutions, designed by TD SYNNEX that simplify cloud deployments using automation, to create repeatable and ready-to-deploy solutions.

There are over 35 Click-to-Run Solutionsᵀᴹ you can use, like Azure AVD or third-party solutions such as Veeam, Veritas, Red Hat. Our Click-to-Run Solutionsᵀᴹ will increase your agility and speed to market with risk-free, right-sized solutions for your customers. Check them out now to see how they can help you on our StreamOne Platforms.

Some sample Click-to-Run Solutionsᵀᴹ scenarios

Selling cybersecurity

  1. Enable – we’ll get you up to speed with the Microsoft Security ecosystem.
  2. Collaborate – we’ll help you design, co-sell and deliver complex cybersecurity solutions for your customers.
  3. Deploy – we can build, implement and manage Microsoft cybersecurity solutions on your behalf for your customers.

Create new opportunities…

By building a scalable, repeatable security practice with Microsoft 365. With our Click-to-Run Solutionsᵀᴹ you can standardise and reduce the cost of deployment while meeting your customer’s requirements in an ever-changing security landscape.

Modern workplace with secure score

Deploy and install a pre-architected subscription to Microsoft 365, automatically run validation testing and customise your customer’s set-up.

  • Secure score – pre-packaged deployments turn on secure score monitoring.
  • Gain insights – discover where gaps lie in your customer’s security by analysing reports on the secure score portal, including third party installed software. Your customer will see their benchmark.
  • Discover actions – use the secure score report to recommend actions for your customer to improve their security posture, by adding to the 365 subscription, or turning on additional settings.

Help your customer with their cloud management challenges

IA Cloud is a clever solution that monitors, manages and optimises Azure environments saving on time and management costs, optimising security and keeping services compliant.

Next steps?

To find out more about how we can help you grow your business by supplementing your range of services, go to TD SYNNEX Cloud Services. Or contact your TD SYNNEX CSP team at csp.uk@tdsynnex.com with any questions.