Here’s a compelling opportunity for you as a TD SYNNEX partner. With the 2025 PSTN switch-off coming soon, some businesses are going to be scrambling to find an ideal replacement solution for their voice communications.

These statistics reveal the latent demand you can tap into

A recent estimate reckons 42% of small-to-medium sized UK businesses still use analogue phone lines. This means that roughly 2.4 million UK SMBs are yet to move to SIP-based telephony. It’s also thought that these businesses will save an average 42% on their current phone bills having made the switch. This is where you come in.

Offer your customers Microsoft Teams with Teams Phone

It’ll solve all their looming problems around the PSTN switch-off, coping efficiently with the increased demands of collaborative working and, frankly, improve employees’ wellbeing – resulting in a happier, more productive workforce.

Some working essentials brought together with Microsoft Teams

✓ Private branch exchange (PBX)
✓ Telephony
✓ Mobile calls
✓ Audio conferencing
✓ Call forwarding
✓ Calling attendants and call queues

✓ Instant messaging
✓ Online meetings
✓ File sharing and co-authoring
✓ Customer service
✓ Task and project management
✓ Conference room systems

Again, the figures tell the story. There are currently 270 million monthly active users of Teams and 80 million monthly active users of Teams Phone. A recent quarter saw calls over one billion.

(Earnings release FY21 Q4)

What’s so great about Teams Phone

As an offering it can make a huge difference to your customers, helping them to be ready for the PSTN switch-off, cut costs and drive efficiencies.

Four key benefits of Teams Phone to share with your customers

Simplifies communications and collaboration in an all-in-one solution

✓ Smarter working by bringing together calling, chat and meetings in an all-in-one app.
✓ Quickly start a call from chat, contact card, Outlook or Teams.
✓ Collaborate using Microsoft Office apps within calls and meetings.
✓ Work seamlessly across Teams and Outlook with unified contacts and calendars.

Call from anywhere, on any device

✓ Stay connected with a single phone number across computer, mobile devices and desk phone.
✓ Turn a chat into a call or a call into a group meeting without having to hang up or re-dial.
✓ Choice of personal and shared devices built for Teams.

Secure, reliable, rich calling

✓ Improve uptime with built-in redundancy and load balancing delivered from Microsoft’s trusted and secure cloud.
✓ Work as team with group call pick-up, delegation and shared line appearance.
✓ Use built-in auto attendants and call queues, or easily connect to favorite contact centre software.
✓ Useful features like consultative transfers, music on hold, call park, voicemail transcription.

Streamline management

✓ Save time and money with a single provider for all communications.
✓ Easily add phone numbers and manage the phone system in the Microsoft 365 admin console.
✓ Monitor and resolve performance issues with the call analytics on a quality-focused dashboard.
✓ Get personalised dial tone with a calling plan from Microsoft or a third-party provider.

Four more fast facts to share with your customers

These figures show that using Teams Phone saves time, reduces costs and improves business performance.


The average employee spends 80 percent of their time collaborating.


An estimated three in four employees work remotely.

280 Million

Active Users

5 Million

PSTN seats added to Team Phone

Insights for you as a partner

Not only is there a huge demand for unified communications, offering Teams to your customers also opens the door to selling your other cloud services.

TD SYNNEX can help you build your Teams Phone practice

We’ll help you define a strategy for your new Teams Phone offering, realise the growing potential service revenue opportunity and develop the skills and capability to help you differentiate your offer in the market.

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