Enterprise grade storage - wherever your apps are.

Save time and money by using the same storage and data management software across hybrid multicloud. Optimize your cloud storage costs and performance while enhancing data protection, security and compliance.


NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP allows users to change the cloud to fit their applications and policies, creating custom IT environments that suit their needs.

With Cloud Volumes ONTAP, your customers have the freedom to run traditional and cloud-native applications anywhere, moving them across their choice of cloud services without needing to redesign code, processes, or teams. It’s a great way to harness the advantages of cloud faster, and at lower cost.

When using ONTAP, data stays:


With built-in, controllable security


With simple and fast replication wherever it’s needed


With always-on AI-driven privacy controls

By offering your customers Cloud Volumes ONTAP, you’re enabling your customers to have the Cloud services they want, the way they want them.

Primary ONTAP Use Cases

  • Backup and disaster recovery in the cloud
  • Deduplication, compression, compaction, and zero-capacity Snapshot™ copies, helping reduce cloud spend
  • Space-efficient, writeable copies of production databases to easily enable dev/test in the cloud

Additional ONTAP Use Cases

  • Workload migration
  • Storage for cloud-native applications
  • Simplified cloud data access for remote branch offices
  • Bursting to the cloud
  • Enhanced security
  • Compliance in the cloud

Offer more with NetApp

Create the perfect value-add to your customers already using cloud services from Amazon, Google, Azure, and IBM with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service.

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service is a fully managed cloud storage solution available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

For those running Microsoft Azure, NetApp and Microsoft have created Azure NetApp Files, offering a high-performance file-service environment for the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Both NetApp Cloud Volumes Services and Azure NetApp Files:

  • Support NFS v3 and SMB
  • Can grow to 100TB
  • Run file shares at peak performance
  • Provide comprehensive data protection and security

Cloud Volumes Service and Azure NetApp Files configure and manage your customers’ infrastructure so they don’t have to, saving time, money, and resource.

The need for file share

When looking to migrate on-premises workloads to the cloud, almost every customer needs a file share. However, the file structure of on-premises workloads does not always easily translate to object storage solutions.

NetApp Cloud Volumes delivers consistently high performance, of over 450K IOPS, for shared persistent storage with high throughput and low latency, ready for the demands of large data bases and HPC applications.

Which way to go…

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Any customer who plans to run compute workloads that require file-based (NFS or SMB) storage, especially in areas such as SaaS applications, HPC, and scientific computing, can use NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is a great fit for those who run NFS or SMB workloads and applications that leverage file services for data storage, such as SQL, Oracle, or SAP.

Combine Cloud Volumes with ONTAP and you’ll have a solution for your customers ready for anything, including disaster recovery and development and test environments for critical applications that require highly available nondisruptive operation.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is deployed and managed from NetApp Cloud Manager as a software-only solution on cloud compute instances managing cloud storage. This capability enables your customers to build a virtual storage solution directly on Amazon resources.

Getting started with NetApp

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is available on the AWS/Azure & GCP Marketplace with multiple procurement options.

Users can choose to purchase by the hour on a pay-as-you-go model, or they can purchase a subscription from NetApp.


Customers purchase directly from the hyperscaler Marketplace and pay for Cloud Volumes ONTAP software, support and hyperscaler resources by the hour (or optional annual purchase). Hyperscaler provide the bill for everything.

NetApp Subscription

Customers may purchase a six month or annual subscription from you, the reseller, via Cloud Manager, activating a subscription and support to enable a Cloud Volumes ONTAP – BYOL (Bring your own license) instance from the Hyperscaler Marketplace. TD SYNNEX provides Cloud Volumes ONTAP under the StreamOne service as a Click-to-Run solution.

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