Get a better hybrid cloud experience with ONTAP.

With ONTAP, you can help your customer build a better hybrid cloud experience that solves IT challenges like data security, operational efficiency, and future growth.

NetApp ONTAP data management software will give your customer strong advantage, everywhere their data lives – on-premises, in the cloud, and in between.

Why ONTAP for comprehensive data management?


  • Protect your customers from ransomware attacks.


  • Meet up-to-date requirements for performance and availability.


  • Easily adapt and scale to support future storage needs.


  • Address growing staffing issues even with a constrained IT budget.

ONTAP Benefits

ONTAP helps to create storage infrastructure that reduces costs, accelerates critical workloads, and protects and secures data across hybrid multi-cloud.


Defend your customers against ransomware attacks and security breaches with autonomous protection and a Zero Trust architecture.


Whether on premises, hybrid, or in public clouds, create flexible and agile, future-proof storage environment while reducing TCO.


Simplify and automate day-to-day activity and reduce complexity with a consistent, unified data management environment across your hybrid cloud.


Accelerate critical workloads with top performance, deliver predictable performance to all consolidated applications with quality of service (QoS) minimums and maximums.


Automatically tier cold data to public and private clouds to easily maximize high-performance storage capacity and lower overall TCO.


Available for AFF A-Series, ASA, and FAS systems in addition to C-Series, NetApp ONTAP One, is the industry’s most comprehensive data management suite. Managed through the BlueXP™ unified control plane, ONTAP One includes all available NetApp ONTAP software.

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