NetApp AFF, where the cloud meets flash.

NetApp deliver industry-leading all flash storage arrays that effortlessly integrate with cloud solutions from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Your customers can safely store their data across environments, with increased availability and performance, and lower operational costs.

The NetApp AFF A-Series arrays are designed for partners looking to store their data more efficiently with no loss in performance.

Smarter, more powerful, and more secure, NetApp AFF devices distribute data according to need, in an instant.

Latency as low as 100µs

Manage 20PB and 400 billion files with a single namespace

Up to 2PB data capacity within a 4U compact system

Up to 11.4 million IOPS at 1ms latency

300GB/s throughput

15x less power/cooling usage

37x smaller footprint

67% lower support costs1

Powered by ONTAP

ONTAP is NetApp’s data management software that spans flash, disk, and cloud, flexibly deploying across hardware storage systems, software-defined storage (SDS), and the cloud, creating a single, unified data management space.

Your customers’ data will flow seamlessly to where it’s needed, faster, and more intuitively than ever before thanks to ONTAP’s common set of features across deployment architectures.

  • Inline data compression, deduplication, and compaction.
  • Automatic tiering of cold data to a private or public cloud.
  • Centrally monitored environment metrics including capacity utilisation, performance, availability, and data protection.
  • Adaptive quality of service (QoS) to simplify consistent policy implementation.
  • Improved HDD performance through automatic caching of hot read data in flash.

Cloud unrestrained

The NetApp proposition is unique, not only is the AFF range able to offer the immense benefits of deep integration with the cloud, but NetApp’s extensive relationships with the big four hyperscaler companies – AWS, Microsoft, Google and IBM – make for complete flexibility for your customers.

They’re able to add AFF devices to their choice of public, private, and hybrid-clouds from their preferred provider(s), with no compatibility concerns.

It’s a significant benefit for your portfolio, as adding NetApp removes the traditional constraints of interacting with the cloud.

With NetApp, the cloud is on your customers’ terms.

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With an increasingly cloud-first market outlook, investing in cloud-focused storage is the logical next step for your customers looking to enable fast upscaling of their data capabilities, with minimal physical footprint, without disruption and with greatly reduced operational costs.

Secure your customers’ data priorities as they look to grow with the NetApp AFF range, where the line between on-premise and cloud dissolves.

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