NetApp is the leading choice to protect and secure your customers' data across their entire hybrid cloud.

Their powerful data security protects customers from data loss and downtime by proactively detecting threats and promptly recovering data and application.

Crafted to maximise data protection and security, designed to increase data governance and compliance, NetApp’s industry-leading cyber resilience solutions offers you complete, resilient peace of mind.

Ransomware Protection

NetApp’s advanced portfolio of ransomware protection solutions aids your customer take the steps to protect, detect and recover their data.


NetApp offers robust data protection through increased data visibility, end-to-end encryption, secure user access controls, instant blocking of malicious files, immutable and indelible data copies to prevent destruction, and safeguards against rogue administrators or malicious insiders.


With NetApp, assure customers of industry-leading ransomware protection that leverages machine learning to detect threats in minutes, not hours. As the first enterprise storage vendor with autonomous real-time ransomware detection, plus advanced malware and anomaly detection. NetApp allows customers to instantly mitigate damage and accelerate recovery if an attack occurs.


NetApp enables partners to guarantee rapid data recovery and minimal downtime. With advanced forensics to prioritise recovery efforts and quickly identify threats, NetApp can restore petabytes of data within minutes to get applications back online fast. This minimises the business impact and financial cost of outages for your customers.

Backup and Recovery

Net App is the global leader in cloud data services, storage systems, and software. Their reputation depends on delivering the most advanced backup and recovery solutions for end-to-end protection across your entire data.


Data Backup Solutions

NetApp’s backup and recovery solutions protect your customers’ data across the hybrid cloud:

NetApp® BlueXP®

NetApp® BlueXP® backup and recovery leverages the native protection features of ONTAP to efficiently backup your data to another ONTAP device or the object storage of your choice, on premises or in the cloud. Dramatically accelerate backup and restore of data in as little as seconds with integrated block-level replication and application integration via a simple user interface or RESTful APIs.

NetApp® SnapCenter®

NetApp® SnapCenter® simplifies backup, restore, and clone lifecycle management by offloading these tasks to application owners without sacrificing the ability to oversee and regulate activity on the storage systems. By leveraging storage-based data management, it enables increased performance and availability, as well as reduced testing and development times.

Disaster Recovery

Minimise the impact from, and quickly recover from, natural disasters, ransomware attacks, system outages, and even human error. NetApp can help your customer maintain the availability of data and applications, help support remote-access workers, and prepare for the next wave of potential disruptions.

Your data and applications are available and always performing.

NetApp can help safeguard your customers data and application infrastructure, move data between on-premises storage and cloud, and help ensure data availability across clouds.

  • Efficiently replicate data across hybrid multi-cloud for data migration, protection, and collaboration
  • Protect and rapidly recover data, virtual infrastructure, and applications
  • Achieve the lowest RPO/RTO for critical applications and storage infrastructure

Protect enterprise applications such as:

Governance and Compliance

NetApp’s compliance and governance solutions do the hard work of classifying and categorizing data as well as controlling access, disclosure, and modification of data stored across enterprise.

Why NetApp for governance, compliance and privacy?

Data Analysis

NetApp helps to discover what data is critical, categorise the data, identify sensitive data and run compliance related reports in minutes.

Data Retention

NetApp enables customers with the right storage system such as WORM file or object locking certified for the strictest compliance.

Storage Optimisation

Net App supports constant optimisation in case of data growth by identifying areas of wastes providing recommendations, identifying data for migration and applying efficient migration.

Monitoring and Investigation

NetApp provides intelligent tools that monitor, report, identify and alert any anomality. Then, applies file level forensics and system auditing.

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