Copious data, endless workloads.

It’s the same old story for businesses across the globe, regardless of size or industry. Organisations are constantly looking for ways to manage their digital assets effectively and securely and, as channel partners, it’s your job to provide them with the answer that they’re searching for.

What if your customers could move their data and workloads whenever they wanted, whilst managing everything with ease, security, agility and compliance? Enter NetApp.

NetApp are no longer just your friendly traditional storage vendor.

Their portfolio is growing rapidly to meet the demand of today’s customers, and hybrid cloud is now a focal point of their solution base.

Did you know that NetApp are the only data management company with native and third-party services on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS? With multiple cloud solutions, seamless hybrid cloud integration, and a single point of storage management all on offer, NetApp give your customers everything that they need to find a data management solution that works for them.

Leverage NetApp’s growing cloud management capabilities, without breaking the bank

As customers contemplate taking the next step towards digital transformation, a key factor for consideration is cost. Without proper guidance, they can find themselves swimming in bills – half of which are actually completely unnecessary.

When working together with NetApp, your options to tailor cloud solutions to your customer’s exact specification means that they no longer have a need for the “hit and hope” approach. By understanding their requirements and adapting your strategy to fit them, your customer’s monthly cloud spend can be significantly less than anticipated.

Financially optimal, and problem solving. What’s not to love?

NetApp BlueXP

A powerful solution to simplify storage and data management across hybrid multi-cloud environments.


BlueXP Classification

BlueXP classification empowers organisations and your customers to gain comprehensive visibility into data landscapes across hybrid multi-cloud environments. Leveraging cutting-edge AI and natural language processing (NLP) techniques, it performs contextual analysis and categorisation of data. This intelligent approach unveils actionable insights, enabling businesses to address compliance requirements proactively, identify potential security vulnerabilities, optimise costs through effective data management, and streamline migration processes seamlessly. With BlueXP classification, unlock the power of data, ensuring governance, security and operational efficiency in the ever-evolving digital realm.

BlueXP Observability

With BlueXP Observability, gain unparalleled observability with comprehensive full-stack visibility into your customers’ infrastructure and applications across the hybrid multi-cloud landscape. Seamlessly monitor, troubleshoot, and optimise all resources, ensuring peak performance, operational efficiency, and proactive issue resolution. Leverage advanced observability capabilities to gain real-time insights, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to maximise the potential of hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Take charge of cloud management!

NetApp take an integrated approach to cloud storage and data management that helps your customer get the day-to-day tasks right and take charge.

The Four Pillars for Hybrid Cloud Success

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