NetApp deliver everything your customers need to build their unique data fabric into a truly modern, comprehensive data operation. Their cloud services, hybrid cloud infrastructure, and flash storage technologies are what help fuel data innovation across some of the world’s largest enterprises.

By partnering with TD SYNNEX for NetApp, you’ll benefit from a host of exclusive services and expertise designed to drive your growth, increase your profit, reduce your costs, and fuel your customer satisfaction.

Drive Growth

NetApp Partner Academy:
Regular NetApp partner conference which includes training and enablement on upcoming NetApp innovations, solutions and changes

NetApp Partner Portal:
Delivers partner news, events, and rebates, as well as training, webinars, and other event information

NetApp Partner Programme:
Tiered partner programme offers rebates and incentives for partner growth

Increase Profit

Partner tier incentives/rebates:
Partners on applicable tiers are eligible for rebates and incentives as part of the NetApp partner Programme

NetApp Service Oriented Model:
NetApp has moved to a services model which allows partners make better margins on technology/solutions sold

TD SYNNEX Integration capability:
Using TD SYNNEX’s expertise and configuration facility at Magna Park, partners are able to charge added services out at margin

Reduce Costs

Enablement events:
Year-round technical and commercial enablement sessions available to partners

Content syndication and campaign planner:
NetApp Partner Portal offers marketing content, thought leadership, and campaigns for partner use

Marketing Development Funds:
Available to partners (via application) for initiatives, campaigns, and events

Customer Satisfaction

Dedicated support:
Dedicated account manager support via TD SYNNEX and NetApp teams

Brand value:
Partnering with TD SYNNEX and NetApp means partnering with two highly trusted and reputable Fortune 500 companies

Cutting edge development:
NetApp continually invest heavily into R&D and product development to become a one-stop-shop for storage networking solutions

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We’ve curated a number of resources for NetApp to help upskill your teams and improve your offering, wherever you are on your NetApp journey. Resources include videos, case studies, infographics and blogs, as well as NetApp content on our Newsflash and InTouch platforms. They’re continually updated, so take a look at what’s on offer today.

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