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StreamOne Cloud Marketplace

The TD SYNNEX StreamOne Cloud Marketplace (SCM) enables channel partners to simplify purchasing and customer subscription management across a broad selection of cloud services from major cloud providers – namely, Microsoft Azure.

We offer our channel partners a range of exclusive business building resources, management tools and professional services to help you smooth your customers’ transition to the cloud while growing monthly recurring revenue.


With SCM, you can easily expand your offerings, build your own solutions using a catalogue of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), pre-designed blueprints, and establish a custom storefront to extend your reach.


Address your customers’ evolving cloud needs with a one-stop shop of leading cloud providers, products and services, powered by StreamOne Cloud Marketplace to streamline your customers’ migration to the cloud.

Reduce costs

TD SYNNEX has fully integrated Microsoft cloud options into a single platform with capabilities to automate quoting, provisioning, subscription management, billing and analysis for efficient management of your cloud services business

Enable complete customer subscription management

Built for resellers, SCM and Digital Locker provide a centralised location to manage your users and subscriptions. Add or remove users, enable add-on features, and take charge of all your subscription administration functions.

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StreamOne Enterprise Solutions

TD SYNNEX provides the best combination Microsoft cloud options, products and services powered by StreamOne Enterprise Solutions (SES) cloud platform to enable channel partners to expand their cloud business.

We exclusively offer channel partners a range of support, management tools and business building resources to help meet customers’ evolving needs and drive monthly recurring revenue growth.

Partner APIs

Application programme interfaces specify how software components should interact. Effective APIs enable your customers to create and maintain operating systems, database systems and/or software libraries that communicate effectively between one another.

We at TD SYNNEX are able to provide a wide range of commonly used APIs to help your customer transform their website and cloud management capabilities.