Veritas empowers businesses of all sizes to harness their most important asset: data.

By utilising Veritas products, your customers can accelerate their digital transformation and ultimately solve many pressing IT and business challenges, including multi-cloud data management, data protection, storage optimisation, compliance readiness and workload portability.

Veritas’ range of products include:


Data is continuing to grow rapidly and becoming increasingly fragmented across clouds, virtual environments and ever-changing application platforms. The only way that organisations can effectively deliver the required service whilst limiting cost and risk is to implement a unified data protection strategy.

Introducing NetBackup – the #1 enterprise data protection solution on the market. Protecting the most exabytes worldwide, NetBackup provides users with a single platform to protect all data and applications across any type of infrastructure, including physical, virtual and cloud.

Available in a comprehensive range of deployment models, NetBackup offers unified deduplication, resilience, migration, snapshot orchestration and disaster recovery capabilities.

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Why Upgrade?

NetBackup SaaS Protection

To ensure flexibility and scalability as they digitally transform, your customers will likely have adopted modern IT services such as SaaS. This presents a challenge in regards to the security of data: with multiple responsible parties, there is an increased risk of gaps in SaaS data protection.

Veritas NetBackup SaaS Protection helps to bridge the gap between your customers and their providers by ensuring secure, end-to-end data protection across their SaaS environments, and beyond.

The product features a number of competitive advantages, including fully-managed automatic BaaS, high performance, hardened security, and better support for global organisations.

Backup Exec

Running a successful business means having to wear a lot of different hats at the same time – but data backup and recovery management doesn’t need to be one of them.

With Veritas Backup Exec, your data management needs are met even as they continue to grow, as the product confidently scales to suit your business. Backup Exec provides a simple, powerful solution that ensures that any critical data is never at risk of being corrupted, stolen or lost.

With the choice of up-front, perpetual or subscription licensing, Backup Exec is available in three variations to best suit your customers’ needs:

  • Bronze – the economic option.
  • Silver – the most-used option.
  • Gold – the advanced option.

For more information on Backup Exec and the differing levels, contact your TD SYNNEX account manager or take a look at this handy guide:

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IT departments are under more pressure than ever before. With digital transformation becoming a key priority for many organisations, your customers need to ensure that they are adequately set up to deal with and support both multi-vendor and multi-cloud deployments, spanning physical, virtual and cloud environments. By implementing a software-defined solution such as Veritas InfoScale, users can rely on zero downtime, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Veritas InfoScale is a workload-centric storage virtualisation solution that abstracts mission-critical applications, operating environments and databases from their underlying infrastructure to create a flexible and fluid IT environment. This ultimately delivers enterprise-grade functionality around business continuity, performance optimisation, orchestration and agility.

APTARE IT Analytics

Unsurprisingly, exploding data growth can cause a lot of strain to already overburdened IT departments. Equip your customers with the tools that they need to optimise their data analytics, reduce costs, mitigate risks and streamline backup compliance by encouraging them to implement APTARE IT Analytics.

Veritas Aptare offers unrivalled IT analytics into hybrid cloud environments via a single, unified platform. It is the only extensible platform that gives users insights into their backup, storage and virtual infrastructure in a heterogeneous IT environment, across both on-premises and hybrid clouds.

For more information around APTARE IT Analytics, contact your TD SYNNEX account manager or take a look at this handy datasheet:

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Enterprise Vault

Enterprise Vault empowers you to provide your customers with comprehensive information management and compliance capabilities across all communication platforms. By offering this solution, you can help clients seamlessly migrate data from on-premises to the cloud while ensuring relevant content is automatically identified for regulatory compliance.

As a trusted partner for highly-regulated businesses, Enterprise Vault enables you to deliver deep insights and actionable intelligence, keeping customers ahead of evolving compliance mandates and data governance requirements.

Adding Enterprise Vault to your portfolio allows you to:

  • Tap into a lucrative market for robust compliance solutions.
  • Strengthen customer relationships by addressing critical data governance needs.
  • Boost recurring revenue with a subscription-based model.
  • Differentiate your offerings with a proven, industry-leading solution.

For more information around Enterprise Vault, download the data sheet:

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Data Insight

With Veritas Data Insight, you can offer your customers a powerful solution to proactively assess and mitigate risks associated with unstructured and sensitive data. By adding Data Insight to your portfolio, you empower enterprises to classify sensitive data across hybrid cloud environments, arming their operations teams with the critical knowledge needed to identify security threats and streamline compliance audits.

As a trusted partner, you can provide your customers with a comprehensive tool that combines data visibility, context, and analytics across their entire infrastructure. This holistic approach allows IT teams to gain relevant insights, improve data governance, and swiftly resolve security, compliance, insider, and cyber threats.

  • Capitalize on the growing demand for robust data security and compliance solutions.
  • Strengthen customer relationships by addressing their critical data governance needs.
  • Boost recurring revenue streams through subscription-based licensing models.
  • Differentiate your offerings with an industry-leading solution for data risk management.

Read the Data Insight datasheet for more information:

View the Datasheet