Multi, Hybrid, public, private, edge, or on-premises.

Veritas Alta provides a comprehensive portfolio of essential cloud data services in a single platform, enabling your customers to take complete control of their enterprise data and application in the cloud.

It offers a fully managed, cost-effective backup-as-a-service (BaaS) for leading SaaS applications such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint – allowing to deliver their part of the shared responsibility model and beyond.

Take control of enterprise data.

Data Protection

Resiliency with automated, intelligent recovery and complete visibility.

Application Resiliency

Performance, availability and cross-cloud mobility.

Data Compliance

Discover, capture, archive – what matters the most.

Discover value beyond standard backup and recovery.

The need for recoverability of data on-premises is well understood and accepted; responsibility is where the risk lies – with the organisation that owns the data.

Cloud workloads are no different. Veritas Alta SaaS Protection helps organisations to manage the risk of data loss in cloud workloads in a flexible, scalable and highly performant manner. But it also offers a lot more than just backup and recovery.

Veritas Alta SaaS Protection also helps to reduce cost, mitigate risk and accelerate IT – at no extra cost.

Explore Veritas Alta:


Centralised hybrid and multi-cloud data management console- delivered as a service and brings together data from all Veritas-managed domains into a single, combined view.

Data Protection

Industry’s broadest protection for cloud workloads, with AI-powered automation, flexible recovery options, cloud-native storage technology, and elastic infrastructure for reduced costs and carbon footprint.


Enterprise-scale data protection and cyber resiliency that reduces the complexity, vulnerabilities and cost of self-managed infrastructure.

SaaS Protection

Powerful data management and protection solution, delivering a cost-effective, automated backup solution for the leading SaaS business applications through a single, intuitive interface.

Recovery Vault

Powerful solution for ensuring the cyber resilience and continuity of critical operations. Veritas Alta Recovery Vault provides secure-by-default, cloud-based data vaulting, enabling quick data recovery.

Enterprise Resiliency

Self-managed, cloud-based solution that optimises workload performance and high availability. It minimises potential downtime and maintains the continuity of enterprise services by providing real-time monitoring and fault resolution.

Storage Resiliency

Purpose-built cloud storage management solution that is efficient and improves application performance and resiliency, while reducing the overall cost of ownership.


Proven solution to meet supervision and discovery requirements, reduce compliance risk, and control costs across all communication channels.


Cloud-based compliance management system that streamlines the monitoring and supervision of communications.


Cloud-based solution that enables to easily collect, review, and produce information for legal and investigation needs.

Use Cases

Avoid SharePoint Overages

Avoid the dramatic costs of SharePoint overages by implementing the fully integrated archiving and tiering capabilities of Veritas Alta SaaS Protection. Depending upon the amount of data archived and the data change rate, customers can achieve dramatic cost savings and avoid SPO overage charges.


  • Integrated archiving
  • Data security
  • Retention control
  • Cost savings
Read the "Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust" case study

Accelerate Migration to the Cloud

Accelerate cloud migration of Microsoft 365 and unstructured file data while retaining searchability and availability for regulatory compliance requirements – without migrating the data to M365 first.



  • Search
  • Compliance
  • Retention control
  • Cost savings
Read the "Helvetica" case study

ALTAtude Program


The ALTAtude program is an innovative program that aims to support TD SYNNEX and Veritas partners in ascending to higher elevation by providing sales and business development strategies, enablement and alignment focused on Distribution Managed Partners (DMPs)..

The ALTAtude Program consists of 5 steps:

Step 1

Once partners sign up, TD SYNNEX will assign specialist business development managers to assist and guide them through an assessment approach to determine the most suitable route to market and identify any areas where additional support is needed.

Step 2

TD SYNNEX will collaborate with partners to create a concise, one-page business plan that highlights specific focus areas related to the Alta solution stack, addressing any knowledge gaps to provide tailored training and enablement resources to support business needs.

Step 3

TD SYNNEX will initiate sales and technical enablement to acquire the necessary VSE’s and VSE+’s while walking partners through the latest Veritas sales motions, ensuring that they comprehend and effectively position the Alta solutions.

Step 4

Through strategic partnership with Veritas, TD SYNNEX will align based on vertical and industry considerations, enabling the presentation of a partner’s value proposition effectively and exploring avenues for driving incremental growth and seizing promising opportunities.

Step 5

Once the targets are defined, TD SYNNEX will provide robust support for Lead Generation using the digital assessment platform such as the CapametriX Lead Qualification Tool and dedicated incentives.

Play Icon

CapametriX Lead Qualification Tool for Veritas

CapametriX Lead Qualification Tool provides self-qualified leads that are themed around multiple Veritas solutions such as Veritas Alta.

It helps generate pipeline and assist in customer conversations by providing an executive report identifying gaps and recommending solutions or actions.

CapametriX benefits for partners include:

  • Scalable enablement
  • Vendor approved tool
  • Become a Trusted Consultant
  • Create insights-based opportunities and pipeline
  • Conversation road map starter or a re-engagement tool

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